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Saint Vivekananda Swamy Philoshical thoughts

Updated on February 1, 2016

Swami Vivekananda


The words are in the discourse of swami Vivekananda

Stand and kick the bucket in your own quality. On the off chance that there is any wrongdoing on the planet, it is shortcoming; maintain a strategic distance from all shortcoming, for shortcoming is sin, shortcoming is demise.

Be not perplexed of anything. You will do magnificent work. The minute you fear, you are no one. It is trepidation that is the colossal reason for hopelessness on the planet. It is trepidation that is the best of all superstitions. It is trepidation that is the reason for every one of our troubles and it is bravery that acquires paradise even minute. Subsequently, `Arise, conscious and stop not till objective is come to.

The infection, sadness, sin and distress will vanish from off the substance of the earth in three days. Every one of these thoughts of shortcoming will be no place. Presently it is all over – this current of the vibration of trepidation. Reverse the current; get the inverse vibration and view the enchantment change! Thou craftsmanship supreme – go, go to the mouth of the gun, dread not.

He is a non- believer who does not put stock in himself. The old religions said that he was a skeptic who did not have confidence in God. The now religion says that he is the skeptic who does not have confidence in himself.

Training is the indication of flawlessness as of now in

The Sage Vivekananda


Swamy Vivekananda Chicago


Viswanath Dutta wanted his son to become a famous attorney of Calcutta

Main of his aim, the change in the society, the great Sage of Vivekananda preaches about philosophy and he sacrificed his life for them.

On the education front Vivekananda had studied all the works of the leading philosophers of India and the foreign lands.

To him no philosophy looked complete in itself. Every philosophy has gaps and weak points.

A meaningful and purposeful thought could energy only after putting together the good points of each thought or religion.

Lord Venkatewsara

Vivekananda lived in his hired room like an ascetic

Dutta house most of the time hummed with distracting activities. There always were friends and clients of his father around who were in the habits of talking loudly and debating in legal jargon.

For his own benefits Vivekananda created a hybrid philosophy by borrowing the process of reasoning from the west, the idea of common God from the Samaj, wisdom from Buddha, mercy and non- violence from Mahavira, and simple emotionalism from his guru Ramakrishna Dev.

The sage Vivekananda taken a room under rent pay, in another street (just far from his home) and furnish it with bare necessities.

Viswanath Dutta wanted his son to become a famous attorney of Calcutta.

The parents were just waiting for the nod of their sun to set them off on a bride, hunting drive.

Viswanath Dutta had put his son, to work as the assistant with famous attorney, Mr. Nimaich and Babu to learn the primary lessons of the legal' world.

Vivekananda lived in his hired room like an ascetic. He did a lot philosophical thinking and Meditation.

He had no interest about on any luxuries or Mery making for him.

St. Vivekananda and Kanyakumari Davi


kanyakumari ashram


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