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A Tao Master’s Answer To A Frustrated Samadhi Seeker.

Updated on December 27, 2012
Samadhi: The Formless Form
Samadhi: The Formless Form

According to Vasistha, an ancient Hindu sage; “He sees the truth who sees the body as a product of deluded understanding and as the fountain-source of misfortune, and knows that the body is not the self.

He sees the truth who sees that in the body pleasure and pain are experienced on account of the passage of time and the circumstances in which one is placed; and that they do not pertain to him.

He sees the truth who sees that his is the omnipresent infinite consciousness which encompasses within itself all that takes place everywhere at all times.

He sees the truth who knows that the self, which is as subtle as the millionth part of the tip of a hair divided a million times, pervades everything.

He sees the truth who sees that there is no division at all between the self and the other, and that the one infinite light of consciousness exists as the sole reality.

He sees the truth who is not deluded into thinking that he is the body which is subject to illness, fear, agitation, old age and death.

He sees the truth who sees that all things are strung in the self as beads are strung on a thread, and who knows “I am not the mind”.

He sees the truth who sees that all this is Brahman (Tao), neither ‘I’ nor ‘the other’.

He sees the truth who sees all beings in the three worlds as his own family, deserving of his sympathy and protection.

He sees the truth who knows that the self alone exists and that there is no substance in objectivity.

He is unaffected who knows that pleasure, pain, birth, death, etc., are all the self only.

He is firmly established in the truth who feels: “What should I acquire, what should I renounce, when all this is the one self?”

Salutations to that abode of auspiciousness, who is filled with the supreme realization that the entire universe is truly Brahman (Tao) alone, which remains unchanged during all apparent creation, existence and dissolution of the universe.”

The above quote is accepted truth by Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and mystics of all races, religions and cultures. Although I have an intellectual understanding and an intellectual faith in the truth expounded by Vasishta, I have as yet, not experienced Samadhi. Because I have unresolved doubts, I cannot seem to put this teaching into affect. As far as I can understand, the only way not to put in an appearance in the Triple World and thus live in reality is to enter into Samadhi. To fully accept the truth and be a truly liberated being seems possible only when one has direct experience of Samadhi. Only then is the student free of doubt and able to know the Absolute truth of his self-nature.

I have studied the texts and biographies of a number of sages and they all talk of entering into Samadhi in order to realize the truth and resolve all doubts. They even tell you how they did it. However, what becomes apparent very quickly is that only a few of their disciples ever enter into Samadhi.

Obviously, it is not the teaching method that is at fault. It seems only those who are blessed by the grace of the infinite consciousness can enter. The sages direct us to seek out the company of holy men, make constant inquiry into the truth and to study the scriptures in order to become one with the infinite consciousness.

I am fortunate to know some Tao masters. They are the only holy ones I personally know. However, in the times in which we live, we can only seek out their company on a limited basis. Even when we do have access to holy men, the duties of holy men make personal attention almost an impossibility. That being the reality, how can I enter into Samadhi? Am I, and others in my situation doomed to always have doubt and therefore have no escape from ignorance?

I am not interested in residing in a non-existent Buddha Land. (Even if it appears to be real) The only way I will ever satisfy my soul is when I have fully realized my self-nature. Until then, I will always be plagued with the doubts of ignorance because I lack the direct experience of Samadhi.

It is said that meritorious deeds will bring one to full realization, but few have met the requirement. Even fewer have experienced the liberation from ignorance. I know there are some who have experienced Samadhi, perhaps you yourself, but who is directing those of us in the field to join you in Samadhi?

The following is a response to my article from a Tao master I study under.

“Dear Louis:

I'm so glad to receive your mail during the New Year! In regards to your question, I will try to give you my humble view point for your reference.

How to enter into Samadhi? Samadhi is a state of enlightenment of the self-nature. The self-nature is endowed by the Creator. It is originally pure, bright and perfect. It is called the Son of GOD, or the Buddha nature, the true self, the Tao mind, the Bodhi mind, the pure mind, the original mind.

From ancient time to now, many people are looking for, but cannot find it. It is because they try to find it outside the self-nature and not from within. In ancient times, the Zen masters always asked the disciples to understand one's true face that existed before one was born into this world. This is why many wise persons try to abstain from the phantasmic and delusive phenomena of the world and seek a way to enter into Samadhi. All phenomena of the world are unreal and impermanent, human life is but an empty dream.

The enlightened one can understand and awake, but the deluded one will indulge in it and cannot get rid of it, and the soul wanders within the triple worlds incessantly.

How to understand the way of deliverance? The way is the Tao that is released by God at the right time and transmitted by the right person with the Heavenly Decree. The sages of religions were sent by God to this world, they left people with sacred books to educate and guide the lost sentient beings.

After having received the holy Tao, one needs to cultivate the Tao with a sincere heart. Tao in Heaven is the Truth, in a human being, it is the self-nature. Since time immemorial, and up to now, we didn't know how much karma we have created, and how many karmic seeds stay within our self-nature and cause us to become deluded. This is why we need to purify the mind and purge the heart of sin unceasingly and diligently.

Sitting in meditation or studying the sutra or chanting; this in itself will actually have no way to purify or cleanse our spiritual body, the self-nature. If a person who has received the Tao, cultivates the Tao through the Six Parmitas (Six Perfections) to create meritorious deeds and have true repentance, yet not be attached to it, then he can transform the delusion into enlightenment and enter into Samadhi!

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