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Pope Francis May Be A Winner After All. Any Pope Who Drives in a Jeep Popemobile is OK

Updated on September 29, 2015

Red is out. Black shoes are in. Old ways remain. Or Do They??

Let's Get Along Lady

The Pope  and one of his staunchest critics  Cristina Fernández de Kirchnermeet PM of Argentina
The Pope and one of his staunchest critics Cristina Fernández de Kirchnermeet PM of Argentina | Source
women priests??
women priests?? | Source

Let Our People Get Back in the Game

In case anyone is excited by the prospect of change in the Church, forget it. It’s not going to happen. While our new pope seemingly sends little tweets of hope and change indicating that he is different, when it come to the matters that have Catholics agitated, nothing, I repeat nada, niec, zip of consequence will change. The Church reacts to change at the speed of turtles when clearly warp rabbit speed is called for.

Oh sure, his foot washing gesture of a woman’s feet during Holy Week was new. Big deal. His wood cross is a departure, yawn. Black shoes, sho ‘nuff -- but on the things that really matter to the liberal thinking members of the Roman Church, there is little chance of any changes in policy. If you are thinking that issues such as birth control, women's rights, abortions and a boatload of other urgent failings, will be revamped, forget it. One of the biggest parts of that full container laden ship, is of course, the Gay issue. That will never be changed under this man’s reign even though a significant number of his priests fall into that category. Sad, isn’t it?

UPDATE: The Pope's comment "who am I to judge is promising"

Women as priests? … Ha! Divorce? you must be kidding. The place of women in the Church not so far from that held by muslims. Nuns are cool ... if they walk a couple of steps behind their men. Young children are still at risk under a system of good old boys who have proven that they are not at all good, just old. There may be a glimmer of hope in this area from recent statements from Francis. YAY!

Married priests will continue to be a no no, even though the church is sorely lacking in needed manpower. The growth, if any, in membership will be accounted for by conversions in third world countries of uneducated people whose interpretation of Catholicism would never stand up to the tried and more accurately portrayed version practiced by western followers.

So called Catholics throughout many South American primitive societies and entire countries often practice a version of Christianity more in tune with voodoo, Santa Muerte and a host of false gods. The American Catholic Church is in shambles as the “conservatives” made up of American and European prelates are far closer to the fundamentalist Christian beliefs of our country’s far right, often approaching the crazy zeal of the Taliban and the many splinter groups of those outside the mainstream of followers.

It stands to reason that before long, our American Catholics will lose patience and form an “American Catholic Church." Old traditions have little value these days. Threats of excommunication and public embarrassments are often regarded as badges of courage and no longer carry the weight they once did,. Americans are educated, thinking people, more influenced by their own thoughts than those emanating from church officials. That thinking has moved tmany to practice a version of their Catholic religious that holds that so long as a person lives an honorable, exemplary life and holds to a solid belief in the existence of God, the rest is optional.

So Pope Francis, we know you are a good guy, but unless you have a solid plan for an overhaul of an antiquated system, move aside and let our people go. We will work things out with our God in a manner that will bear fruit in the long and short term. Change is good. Embrace it or watch your Church disintegrate even further.

UPDATE: His US visit was a huge success. He opened the door to forgiveness to women who had abortions amd aill allow divorced catholics to be part of the Church and become communicants. Small steps for some, but huge for this behemoth institution. Keep it up Francis. The whole world is watching

Francis Revised. A second look.

This Pope is a man of substance, a man blessed with true charasmatic humility. When asked about the Church's stance on gays, his response, "Who am I to judge," spoke volumes of his real character.

His message clearly states that we should all "take care of one another. Serve one another. And for God's sake, love one another."

Here's something that sticks to my mind. When President Obama was infinitely close to pulling the trigger on Syria, Francis announced that he would pray for an alternative. Within days, the crisis had melted and an apparent bloodless solution was found. Is that an example of Papal prayer power/? I think so.

Go Francis Go.


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 23 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      USA TODAY January 18, 2016 7A

      Pope visits synagogue , rebukes violence

      The statement of Pope Francis, "Violence by man against man is in contradiction with any religion worthy of that name," should be institutionalized as an overriding principle in The Bible. The statement should be placed as the introduction and conclusion in a new edition of The Bible. Further, this statement should be cited throughout The Bible, particularly in the Old Testament.