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Example of The Lord"s Prayer

Updated on October 11, 2015


Powerful Prayers

Prayer is said to be the most

powerful force on earth

available to human beings.

Jesus gave us a Model prayer .

A close analysis will reveal

that it is built on some simple

but powerful concepts. We have

to acknowledgment God's power,

love ,and his wish for honor

The Lord's Prayer is an example

of how one should pray and is built

on the principles below

Principle of a good prayer

  • a. Call on the Name of the Lord

  • b. Address him in his abode

  • c. Acknowledge his holiness

  • d. Acknowledge his ownership

  • e. Promise obedience

  • f. Ask for daily food

  • g. Ask his forgiveness

  • h. Ask for guidance

  • i. Acknowledge his greatness

  • j. Acknowledge his infinity

  • Sample prayer built on the principles of

  • The Lord's Prayer

Prayer For Power

Almighty Yahweh,

Jehovah, God

Ruler of the Universe,

Who lives in the Heavens above

Beneath the waters below

Who occupies all space,

Holy is your name, let your Kingdom

Be manifested on earth forever and forever,

To thee we give the Glory and the honour,

As we pledge our obedience to your words.

We ask that you fulfill our needs

So that we can pay you true allegiance,

We ask that you direct our lives

In the path you want us to go

Forgive us of our daily sins and short comings

We promise to forgive others to the

Same degree as we wish you to forgive us.

Please direct us that we enter not into

Temptations knowingly, but if we mistakenly do

We ask that you do not leave us there to suffer

Please bring us out safely to show your love

To show your power, and your glory that others may know

That from everlasting to everlasting you are the supreme God.

Copyright@2008 Juliet Christie Murray

Author( Soy Criada)Juliet Christie Murray


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