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Santa = Satan, Why We Are Not Celebrating "Father Christmas", a Christian's View on Santa Claus!

Updated on December 11, 2017

“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” Matthew 23:9

The other day the Fed-Ex delivery driver asked my toddler boys if Santa was coming to see them.

My three year old piped up, “Santa's not real, we're having a birthday party for Jesus!” It was a proud mommy moment, and definitely took the man by surprise. You see, Christmas is supposed to be about Christ...hence the name. A time when our father in heaven, sent his son to this world as a savior to his people who sinned by their own free will. He loved us so much, he became like us and made a way for us when there was no other way! God is holy, and therefore a sinful people could never be reunited with a holy maker, unless their was atonement for their sins. Jesus gave his life, as an atonement to cleanse us from all sins. God wants us to be with him, hence he made a way!

Christmas is a time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

Modern society however, makes it more about a false character “Santa” which just happens to be “Satan” only the last three letters are arranged differently.

Instead of seeing baby Jesus plastered everywhere, this false deity instead takes his place. Children forget about the true meaning of Christmas because they are so absorbed in the lie that “Father Christmas” is going to bring them gifts and shower them with material things. Strange how it went from the wise men bringing gifts to Jesus for his birth, and was replaced with “Satan Claus” bringing gifts to the children essentially robbing Jesus of his birthday celebration.

Santa “Sees you when your sleeping, knows when your awake”.

He also “Knows if you've been bad or good.” Wait a minute, the only one who is all seeing and all knowing is God himself.

This alone is a great example of how people have exalted Santa to a God like status! Someday parents will tell them, Santa's not real. They find out they've been lied to. One of the first acceptable lies parents willingly tell their children. The bible tells us about Satan and how “When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”- John 8:44. If you convince your children that Santa is real, and then tell them it was a lie. Will they have a hard time believing God is real, will they trust you that this time your...telling the truth? This is another way, that lying to your children about “Santa” can be harmful in their faith as children of God.

Santa has elves for helpers, while God has his angels.

God performed many miracles, and is the only one who can give us true miracles.

Yet Santa “miraculously” can deliver toys to every child in the world, and come down every chimney, enter every home, in one night. A child's miracle, that isn't real. This is another way the false Santa is misleading to children, and tries to embody a God like persona. Not to mention flying through the air in his magical sleigh powered by flying creatures. In Revelation Jesus is described as His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow;”. Doesn't that sound familiar, as the way “Santa” is portrayed and displayed?

We are told to boldly go to the throne of God for our needs, (Heb 4:16).

The same way children are instructed to go to Santa for their needs and wants, where he too sits on a throne.

Another sad reality is, that “Kris Kringle” another name for Santa, actually means Christ kind, Christ child, in its roots. Even Santa's jolly laugh, “Ho, ho, ho”, belongs to the Lord who saysHo, ho, come forth, and flee from the land of the north, saith the LORD: for I have spread you abroad as the four winds of the heaven, saith the LORD.”-Zechariah 2:6

Lastly, Santa is a symbol of peace to the secular world.

He has become the image representing the season of Christmas.

The bible tells us, For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”-Isaiah 9:6 In our modern society, Santa is everlasting- he never dies, he always is, and he is falsely seen as a symbol of peace. More attributes that belong to God the true Father, and Jesus Christ, alone.

Unfortunately people fail to see the truth behind Santa, and are blinded by the lies of the world:

2 Corinthians 4:4-In whom the god of this world (Satan) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.If only people could wake up and see through this “Satan-Santa” blasphemy against God, that is meant to rob him of the celebration of the birth of his son. What many deem as a harmless fairy tale, is darker and more twisted, than meets the eye.

It may seem like keeping Santa from your children is going to take away from their childhood, or rob them of something.

Yet, the only one being robbed here is our true Father. Our children don't need a false, miraculous, representation of a giving being- to make their Christmas special. They already have a true representation of that. If you make their Christmas about God, like it is supposed to be, you won't be robbing them of a false happiness. You will be giving them a true happiness. You will be teaching them to have that same love for Jesus that many children have for fake “Satan Claus”.

After reading this, will you consider making Christmas about Jesus instead of Santa?

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It's Jesus's birthday, after all, so when you give them gifts, have a birthday party for Jesus.

Let them know Jesus isn't physically here, but he loves them so much he'd be happy for them to get gifts on his birthday.

So they will still be able to celebrate, to get gifts, but this will redirect their appreciation from the false Santa, to the TRUE Jesus! You could still decorate with them, teach them about Jesus's birth, or even bake a birthday cake for Jesus and help them decorate it with you! You will never have to tell them a lie, and by doing this- you will be giving God the greatest gift of all on his son's birthday... truth, in love. We don't need Santa-Satan Claus to have a Merry CHRIST-mas, God is miraculous and loving enough to fill all our needs. This would not only be a gift of love to God, but to your children as well! Merry Christmas!

Author: Renee Dixon

Comments, How do you feel about Santa/Satan and celebrating Christmas the Christian way?

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    • profile image

      Rita Ray 4 months ago

      Fantastic article and so very true. excellent job of writing as well .