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Satanic ceremonies are a means

Updated on October 18, 2014

Satanic ceremonies are a means to enjoy the pleasures of life

Satanic ceremonies are a means to enjoy the pleasures of life: they offer carnality, the pleasure of fulfilling one’s desires, the bringing of material and personal rewards and the joys of darkness. But they are only a beginning, a stage toward something greater. It is one of the purposes of a Satanic Temple to guide those Initiates who may be interested along the difficult and dangerous path which is the seven fold way. Those who do not wish to follow this path to Adeptship and beyond should simply enjoy the many pleasures which the Prince of Darkness offers to those who by a Satanic Initiation wish to follow His philosophy of living. Satanic and Demonic manifestation is a shocking and baffling experience. Satanists often call upon Satanic forces which require knowledge, dedication, practice, study and investment on a daily basis in order to master.

Satanic Crimes"

SATANIC CRIMES" is an excellent tool to use in the understanding Satanism and its association with crime. The video explores the illegal activities associated with this occult practice, levels and motivations of involvement, as well as signs of involvement. It has become known that problems such as child abuse, teenage drug abuse, and teenage suicide are often connected to cult activities.

Satanic worship can take many forms

Satanic worship can take many forms. Depending on the other influences on one's spiritual life (witchcraft, Voodoo, etc.) the commonly agreed upon practice of ritual generally takes precedence, albeit varying from person to person. The high Satanic mass, generally termed to be a "Black Mass" is to be seen as a direct ideological inversion of the Catholic mass. This is direct evidence of Satanism being a reaction to Christian ideology and societal dominance. The Satanic Panic of the '80s was a dark time in society where people blamed Satanists for committing horrifying crimes and abuses. Those who were in charge of caring for children were targeted by the religious right, pursued by therapists and judges and lawyers. Cases were bounced in and out of kangaroo courts, declaring verdicts of guilty on the innocents. All it took to condemn an innocent was a coerced testimony that was harvested from sessions with therapists that used suggestive hypnosis.

These groups are composed of young people

These groups are composed of young people (predominantly white males), ranging in ages from early teen to early twenties, but they do not fit the usual criteria for appropriating the phrase "youth gang." One obvious reason is because they are Satanists. The gangs cohere due to a commonality of Satanism, often identifying with a particular genre of rock music (heavy metal, black metal), and not primarily, like traditional gangs, because of ethnical or territorial considerations. Nor do the majority come from low socioeconomic backgrounds; on the contrary, many come from middle to upper-middle class families. Power can be many things to different people. It can be happiness, achieving goals, and satisfaction, or just living to the best of our abilities. It is only natural that we grow tired of doing the same things over and over again that we either fix it or move on. Our animal instincts makes us crave for more but to really understand and perceive something, it is absolutely necessary to search deep within ourselves as the Gods and Goddesses that we were meant to be.

In light of the discussion concerning what causes magic to work, we should look at the interrelating roles that animal and human sacrifices may play in Satanic rituals. It needs to be clearly understood that few Satanists sacrifice animals; and far less would sacrifice a human. Some would perform such acts because they are mentally disturbed and/or derive pleasure from committing such atrocities, while others would be seeking to capture the mana of the victims (discussed earlier). Besides these there are two other possible reasons for sacrifices.

Satanism is very eclectic in the sources from which it has derived

Satanism is very eclectic in the sources from which it has derived. There are several major influences which have contributed to the structure of contemporary Satanism in its diverse forms. The first and most obvious of these is Christianity. Satanism arose against the backdrop of Christianity. It is its antithesis, and for the most part only exists as a parasite and perversion of Christian beliefs and practices. In addition to Christianity, Satanism has borrowed much from grimories, ceremonial magic, witchcraft, and other occultic writings.

Teaching Satanism in schools sounds like the stuff of horror movies. But a US court ruling on religious freedoms, has enabled devil worshippers in Florida to hand out educational material about their beliefs - to kids at state schools. Marina Portnaya reports.

Florida schools that allow Christian materials to be read by students must open their doors to any religious group to provide materials of their own. That ruling came down from a Florida judge in August and now the Satanic Temple is coming to exercise real religious liberty.

Satanism Is A Religion Or An Occult?

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Satanists do not indoctrinate children into Satanism.

Satanists do not indoctrinate children into Satanism. Children lack the basic skills to rationally and intellectually disseminate all the intricacies of issues like faith, religion, belief, morality, and many other metaphysical and esoteric concepts. Self-discipline, tolerance, independence, and respect are a few primary principals that children of satanic parents should instill. Children naturally have questions about the world they live in and the people they interact with. It is critical that the satanic parent answers their questions from an honest perspective, but also explain that there is never one specific answer to questions involving metaphysical, spiritual, and religious implications. Great care must be taken by the satanic parent in order to let the child develop his or her own truly individual beliefs.

While opinions vary on mind-altering substances, Satanism does not advocate or promote any activity that blatantly destroys the human mind or body. We are aware that there is much disinformation concerning many currently illegal substances. However, we are positively against the compulsive use of anything that is produced to cause addiction or mind numbing effects within its users. Compulsive acts; acts based on addiction are counterproductive to human evolution. Addictive and brain-destroying chemicals are convenient tools for today's slave masters.


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