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Satan's Laugh

Updated on October 10, 2016
ProverbsLady profile image

Janice VC has been a Radio Jockey for years at GoldFM 103.9 Christian Radio. She's also very fond of writing her life's testimonies online.

My father bought me a plane ticket to visit my husband in 2006. I was not interested at all--- because at a young age, I got married to a guy who was to young and just had his first job away from where we live. The first chapter of my real life's story isn't included in this part where I encountered a terrifying moment I never expected it would happen.

As what my father wanted me to do for the sake of my marriage, I stayed with my husband only for a short vacation because I was still studying so that's why I needed to go back before the next semester begins . I agreed to be there not to try my role as a wife but to test our relationship.

I always got mad at my husband for not listening to me when I yell out my problems at him. I felt ignored and used though he was really giving his all to me; his patience, generosity, support and love yet I was never convinced that he truly loves me because every time were falling-out, he only sat on the floor and silently reading his Bible that made me felt so unvalued.

When I saw him doing it again without saying a word to me, I planned to hide the Bible and I did but he still found it that night. The reason why I also got mad at God for stealing my husband's attention so I kicked the door, made sure it was locked and picked a bottle of poison. I said to myself, I knew that when I die, God will never accept me and I'm surely going to hell but I can't live with anger and confusion in my heart.

I closed my teary eyes and drank the poison. I suddenly felt my throat getting dry and my heart began to beg my lungs to take some air but I was too selfish to give. I was like floating and everything in my life revolved in slow motion. Surprisingly, I saw my husband opened the door as if it was left unlocked and he swiftly carried me to the bathroom. He gently slapped my cheeks to keep me awake and made me a glass of milk; it slowly helped me recovered.

I felt so bad for being alive but my husband never stopped trying to comfort me through sharing God's word and even prayed for me instead of being angry and still I was not thankful. I blamed him for saving me yet he did not listen to my frustration and just said: Jesus loves me.

How disappointed I am. I felt like I'm about to have a severe ear infection because I heard it again. I wondered why my husband loves the Bible too much above all he loves.

Finally, my swollen eyes made me fell sleepy and weak while my poor husband chose to snore than staying awake listening to my same pleads after doing his best to comfort me.

Promptly, I felt my body became very stiff and it scared me. I tried to scream but I couldn't even move my jaw but I saw my husband beside me in deep sleep.

It was like Hypnagogia or a sleep paralysis but why I can also see the light bulb and can still hear my husband's snore getting louder...

Abruptly, a shadow of a tall man appeared as still as a mouse floating up in the ceiling. He was wearing a man-made white prince outfit ---the only seeable part--- and his dark,curly, shoulder length hair but the rest was just a shadow image of him.

I was seriously muddled yet not terrified while staring at him then a soft whisper told me that he was the prince of darkness or satan himself.

When I heard it, I was shocked why he doesn't even look like a monster though he laughed like a masculine mad clown.

He was not scary at all but I wanted to get rid of him because he was like ready to snatch my soul. The only problem was I didn't knew how to say my own prayer and I remember a preacher who was holding his Bible tightly close to his chest while sharing God's word through Mathew 17:21 but sadly, I only laughed the first time I heard the word 'rebuke' because I found it funny and I can't even utter Jesus name to try it myself.

I prayed two different ways repeatedly like a hypocrite so it didn't worked then satan laughed louder and swiftly, he dropped his body facing each other while he was still floating above me. I tried to look for his face but it was really dark like a shadow in white cloth except his nose that's so perfectly shaped; must be a good looking young man.

I finally decided to copy the preacher. Since I can't do anything but to speak my mind I said, " In Jesus name! go away satan." he was immediately pulled back to the ceiling and gone then I was able to move my right arm. My husband woke up too and asked me what happened because I was crying hard. I told my husband about it and he was just listening to me because he already knew that God will definitely show me the truth and I too was amazed.

"There is power in the name of Jesus." I'm a living testimony.

John 14:16


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    • profile image

      Steven More 

      22 months ago

      wow your story made me cry today.. keep'n writing!

    • ProverbsLady profile imageAUTHOR

      Janice Valencia Capulso 

      2 years ago from Gensan

      Glory To God almighty! #onlyJesus

    • profile image

      Shu Yui 

      2 years ago

      thank you for sharing your story.


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