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Sathya Sai Baba Avatar

Updated on September 3, 2011

Who is Sathya Sai Baba?

By now many in the world might have heard the name of Sathya Sai Baba, who is considered as a spiritual Guru, an Avatar of God, a great social philanthropist etc., In fact, none can understand Him in the true spirit. Since he looked like a human being, many people were misled by his appearance. It is He, who intimated His real identity to the devotees. In one such statement, He said, I am neither a man, nor woman, nor the attributes you ascribe on me. I am the Teacher of Truth". On another occasion He said, you can choose only your wife but I have chosen my mother to whom I should be born! From the time of His Divine birth on 23 November 1926 at 5.06 AM, in an obscure and remote village in Andhra Pradesh in India. The villagers were caring their cattle and there were little cultivation activity.

In an historic announcement long ago during the year 1961, He revealed that He is an incarnation of Shiva and Sakthi(considered as the primal God and Goddess in Hindu tradition). Prior to the announcement Baba was affected by four massive heart attacks which led to paralysis of one side of the body. He was literally brought by few devotees from the upstairs of the temple where he used to reside. His one side is completely lifeless and his hand and feet were hanging with one side of his face twisted beyond shape. Some how, He made some signs to the close attendant to bring a glass of water. Immediately, a glass of water was brought and with great difficulty, he put his fingers in the glass of water and sprinkled some water on the lifeless side both in the leg and hand. Then he started rubbing his leg and hand with the other hand. Instantly, he was cured of the dreaded illness. He drank some water and stood up without any assistance. He started delivering the historic discourse.

"For those who have no succor, God is the only succor. Thus he started narrating a historic story that happened eons ago. It so happened that one great sage Baradwaja wanted to master the "Vedas" which are profound and ancient. Hence he started studying the Veda for one full hundred years. Unable to complete his studies, he got two extensions of life each for 100 years. He was not able to complete even a portion of the studies. Hence he meditated on the demi gods. Finding his intention very genuine, the demigod appeared before him and told him to perform a great sacrifice known as "Savithru Yaga"(Fire Sacrifice). He was given the directions for doing the sacrifice. Sage Baradwaja wanted "Sakthi"(the mother aspect of God) to preside over the sacrifice and bless him. Hence he went to Mount Kailas where Shiva and Parvathi normally resides. When he reached the precincts of the mount, he found to his consternation that both Shiva and Mother Parvathi were engaged in a Dance competition. Though Parvathi noticed the sage by the side of her eye, she was engaged in the dance for seven days. Mount Kailas is full of Ice and the cold was unbearable. Hence the sage got upset and started returning. Immediately his sides lost all energy and he fell down in paralytic stroke. Both Shiva and Parvathi stopped their dance immediately and rushed to tend the sage. Shiva sprinkled water on the portion afflicted by paralysis. Immediately the sage was on his feet and he was prostrating to the Divine couple. They blessed him profusely and promised to attend the fire sacrifice personally. They blessed him with more boons. Shiva said, I will take birth in your lineage as Saibaba at Shirdi, both Shiva and Sakthi will take birth as Sathya Sai in Parthi and the future Avatar Prema Sai will be an Avatar of Sakthi alone. Since Sakthi has left you waiting for seven days in bitter cold, Sakthi will suffer the paralytic stroke and I(Shiva) will cure her by sprinkling water on the affected portion. That statement of Shiva has become literally true on the historic day at Prasanthi Nilayam in India on the historic day. Yes, Sathya Sai Baba is a Divine incarnation of both Shiva and Parvathi.


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