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Sathya Sai Memories - Part II.

Updated on November 23, 2012

Sathyam as a boy!

The olden days of Sathyam!

Sathya sai memories-part ii

The boy Sathyam has never exhibited his miraculous powers openly to all. He used the powers when there is urgent need to do so. Otherwise, he remained mostly inconspicuous to the outer world. Only the village urchins and playmates knew that he is above ordinary and they were attracted to him by a mysterious force. During many discourses in the recent years, Saibaba clarified this attraction as pure love or prema. He explained that his actions are absolutely ‘selfless’. Whatever he has done, it is not for his benefit but for the benefit of the entire humanity. Now, the world is aware that He has dedicated two Superspeciality hospitals for the ailing poor. But the fact is those hospitals cater to all and they dispense free treatment to all the patients irrespective of their financial or regional status.

It is natural for some boys to grow jealous of Sathyam due to his straightforward nature and honest ways. He never uttered untruth and advised all the boys to speak only truth. But the boys being village urchins are accustomed to tell lies rather than to speak truth since they feared for their safety. An European gentleman was on his way from thick forests and when his jeep approached the riverbed, it stopped there. The driver tried all his skills to make the jeep move. Hence he excused himself and said that there is a ‘miracle boy’ in Puttaparthi. He will bring some holy ash and make the jeep to run. He took the permission from his master and ran to the village. Fortunately, Sathyam was sitting in the frontage of his small house. The driver went near Sathyam and inquired about the miracle boy and explained how his master is stranded in the jeep. Sathyam said, ‘I will myself come there’. They reached the place. Sathyam addressed the European thus; “Sir, I have made the jeep to stop here! You have shot dead a tiger which gave birth to three tiger cubs in the forest. The cubs are searching for its mother. You have done harm. “Now do as I say. Bring those unfortunate cubs and hand them over to some zoo for upbringing. If you want to shoot, shoot with a camera and not with a gun! The European was quite astonished at the all seeing power of the small boy Sathyam. He brought the cubs as directed and he duly handed them over to a zoo. After some time, he brought the skin of the tiger as a mark of respect to Sathyam and handed him the same. The tiger head and skin is now kept in the sanctum sanctorum of Prasanthinilayam below Baba’s chair where he used to sit.

As the elder brother was interested in the future of Sathyam, he took him along to Kamalapuram and Uravakonda for further studies. Sathyam was the cynosure of the entire school. His voice was melodious and sweet. Hence, the Headmaster asked Sathyam to sing during the prayer season in the morning. We have already seen how the chair was attached to the teacher who asked Sathyam to stand up on the bench in the previous part. The same teacher has written a beautiful book on Sathyam in the later years praising him for all the virtues he possessed and the various miracles he performed during the school days. During those days, Sathyam used to indicate the first few letters of a culprit’s name whenever a theft took place in the school. The headmaster has lost a new parker pen sent to him by somebody. The headmaster approached Sathyam for the clues. Sathyam told his some clues which coincided with the name of a faithful peon who was with the HM for several years. The headmaster was reluctant to accept the clue. He said that the peon was honest throughout his career and it is wrong to point the finger to him. Then Sathyam told him to write a letter to the son of the peon who is studying in a distant place, asking him to preserve the pen since it is very costly. The HM wrote a letter as though from the peon. Prompt came the reply from the son of peon who said that he knew the value of the pen presented by his father and keeping it safely. This exposed the peon who accepted his guilt and pleaded pardon for his crime.


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