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Sathya Sai Memories - Part III

Updated on December 6, 2012

Sathya being taken in palenquin.

Divinity revealed in the temple!

Once Sathya told a gathering, "you people can choose only your wife', but I have chosen my mother before i took birth. Yes, his mother Easwaramba is the chosen one. She was humble to the core, innocent and honest. No doubt, she poured her affection on the boy "Sathya" without knowing that he had come for a mission and not to lead an ordinary life. Hence she had to suffer the pangs of separation from him for many days, when Sathya was going to places to inform the devotees about His nature, his identity and the great mission he has undertaken. Nobody will believe when somebody comes and tell them that he has come for a different mission. His father once reprimanded him with a stick "Are you a devil or magician? Who are you? Pat came the reply "I am Saibaba! Worship me. The father was bewildered by the reply. The stick fell on the ground. Some bold man from the gathering asked "Sathya", "If you are Saibaba, can you prove it?. Sathya asked the people around to bring some jasmine flowers. When it was brought and placed on his hand, he just threw it on the ground. To the astonishment of every one, the flowers formed beautifully in the native tongue of the region "Telugu" as "Saibaba". He immediately manifested large amounts of holy ash and sprinkled it everywhere. He said, "Keep your houses and mind clean!

In that little hamlet, none has heard the name "Saibaba". The name looked like that of a Muslim saint. On enquiry about this strange name, they came to know that a Saint named Saibaba lived in an obscure village named Shirdi in Maharasthra in India. Also they came to know of a government official who regularly worship the saint in a nearby place. When Sathya was taken to the government official's house, he was dismissed as some 'mentally disorder case'. Sathya rebuked him saying, "you are worshiping me daily but you could not recognize me! The brother of Sathya was working as a Telugu teacher in a High School. He wanted to educate his younger brother Sathya so that he too can get some decent employment! The brother was not aware of the inner spirituality of Sathya and he treated him just as a ordinary individual. It needs lot of wisdom to understand a superhuman personality.

During such time, some well wishers of Sathya's brother advised him to take Sathya to some other place for a change. The Municipal Chairman of the place suggested that they take Sathya to the famous "Virupaksha temple of Hampi. The temple was constructed by the kings of Vijayanagara and was very old. Having accepted the suggestion, all started for Hampi. When they reached the temple, Sathya excused himself from entering the temple stating 'upset stomach'. Others entered the temple and reached the sanctum sanctoram. The man who worships the deity started waving camphor light to illumine the idol. To the utter astonishment of every one, "Sathya" was standing where the idol was kept. None could believe their eyes. His brother thought that Sathya has entered the temple by some means and stood in the inner chamber. Hence he asked the other people to keep watch on the sanctum and rushed outside. There "Sathya" was leaning against a tree focusing his eyes on somewhere. Again, the brother rushed inside to find "Sathya" in the same place of the idol! Though the entire party believed on the divine nature of Sathya, his brother could not come into terms with Sathya's nature due to familial attachments. Rest in next episode.


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