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Sathya Sai Memories -Part V

Updated on December 8, 2012

Sathya adored with garlands!

The mission has commenced!

All the knowledge of the scriptures of various religions are possessed at birth by an Avatar or incarnation. He need no specific teaching to acquire them. But to satisfy the parents and family, they too submit themselves to the formal schooling which was termed as "Gurukul" in ancient times. Hence Sri Krishna underwent Gurukul at the feet of his Guru Sandeepani and Sri Rama learned everything from the sage Vashista. Since Sathya has born in the modern age, he underwent elementary, middle school and high school education upto eighth standard only. But, he has discontinued it in the middle stating that his devotees are waiting!

I will just recollect the gist of the episode though i have written about this in an earlier hub. One day Sathya returned from school in the middle and thrown his bag containing books etc., inside the house. He has not entered the house. His sister in law came out hearing the commotion. She was bewildered to find a glowing hollow behind Sathya's head. Sathya told her, "I am not Sathya, I am Saibaba, My devotees are waiting for me! Stating this he left the place abruptly, entered the garden adjoining the house of a Government official. He sat there on a rock. Hearing this, people from all directions started converging there. Some were offering flowers and candy. Some were waving camphor lights and lit perfume sticks. Some devotees started chanting the names of God. The first song Sathya taught to the world on that day is reverberating all round the globe today in the devotees home and Sathya Sai Samithis. (forums)

It is a small couplet, "Manasa Bajare Gurucharanam, Dusthara Bhava Sagara Tharanam". The meaning is "Hold on to the feet of the preceptor, worship it so that you can cross the miserable ocean of earthly life". It conveyed the vital message to mankind. In the present age, every one is steeped in materialism which won't grant joy to any. The lasting peace and happiness can be got only by surrendering to the Self which has manifested as the preceptor in human form. Thus the mission of the Avatar has started on that holy day. His brother was perplexed and called for his parents to the place. Both of them arrived after much delay. The mother has brought food and eatables for Sathya. She spread a plantain leaf and served all the items. Sathya made three big balls of the food, mixing all items. He pleaded his mother to hand over each ball of food in his hand. Once she gave him all the three balls, Sathya told her "Maya has left" meaning that illusion has gone! His mother could not understand any thing. But she made one request. "You were born in Puttaparthi, Do not leave the place and we won't disturb you. You can stay separately at Puttaparthi. Sathya agreed to his mother's desire and he has settled a little away from the homes of his parents and relatives and started gathering devotees from distant places.

Fortunate are those who were associated with him during the initial advent. It was thrilling to the core. He started metamorphosing the minds of the devotees who came there on their own accord from nearby towns and states. He started teaching them initially songs on various god and goddess forms. Every morning and evening, singing of Bhajans by both ladies and gents took place regularly and at the end "Sathya himself used to wave camphor lights to the idols kept in the room!.........(to be continued)


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