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Sathya Sai, after boyhood days.

Updated on September 11, 2011

Saibaba discontinues his schooling.

We have seen that Baba has left his house throwing his school bag inside the house and he took shelter in a garden nearby. His brother summoned the parents from the village Puttaparthy. They rushed to the garden where Sai was seated. Saibaba told the gathering, "Maya is coming" meaning illusion. He was referring his mother who was on the way to meet Sathya. As soon as the mother came, she could not comprehend the situation. She wanted to feed Baba as usual. Hence the eateries were brought and spread on the leaf in front of Baba. Peculiarly, Baba mixed all items of food and made three balls of rice. His mother gave him the rice ball one by one. After consuming the three balls of rice, Baba has said, "Now Maya has gone" meaning his relationship with family ends there. However his mother has done one wise thing for which the entire world is grateful to her. She told Baba! Henceforth we won't disturb you. You can attend to your work. But promise me that you will remain at Puttaparthy. Swami has acceded his request. He said, He will remain at Puttaparthy village.

All of them returned to Puttaparthy. Baba has chosen a place a little away from his house which was donated to Baba by a devout lady. There was one room, veranda, one small kitchen and well. For all morning ablutions, the devotees have to walk a distance to the famous River Chitravathi. In this place, the young Sai was worshiped by many devotees. Also, Baba would gather the devotees both morning and evening and taught them Bhajan songs on different forms of God. He himself has penned many such songs and he used to sing beautifully. He has prepared for worship 108 names and attributes of God for worship with flower etc. The altar though small was daily cleaned decorated and oil lights were lit and placed. Incenses were lit and the perfume wafted the air. The songs reverberated everywhere. Here Baba cured many possessed by devils and evil spirits. He will catch the victim by the hair of the head and flung them to the far corners. Though he was slender and weak, he will lift them effortlessly and tossed them. The evil spirits then will implore Baba not to hurt them and they will leave peacefully. Afterwards, the lady or man will become normal in habits.

Once a middle aged man suffering from appendicitis visited Baba and he was begging for a cure. One devotee intercepted on his behalf and implored Baba to cure him. One day suddenly Baba came out from his room with blood dripping hand, He asked the devotees to bring water to clean his hand. He has shown them a little length of black tube like thing and said he has performed the appendicitis operation on the man just now. Everybody were bewildered to hear that. They went inside to find the man becoming alright and there was just a line in the abdomen as a mark of operation. The man was hungry and he was fed iddlies and hot chutney without any botheration. He consumed it with gusto and there were no more pain. It seems, Baba has materialized the knife etc out of thin air and performed the complex operation as though a surgeon would do and he has completed the job neatly! That is Saibaba. Rest in next hub.


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