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Sathyanarayana became Sathya Sai Baba.

Updated on September 29, 2011

How Saibaba rescued Al Drucker?

Saibaba was born to Easwaramba after the conclusion of worship of the deity "Sathyanarayana". Hence he was named "Sathyanarayana". Sathyam in Indian language translates to "Truth". Saibaba always used to say that He abides in Truth". In fact, Truth is the highest virtue, every individual should posses. But in the current materialistic word, Truth is hidden behind wealth. For the same reason, whatever he utters, materializes instantly. Saibaba says that if we practice Truth as our life, whatever we utters immediately takes place. That is the power of Truth! The Universe is founded on Truth only. In fact, Truth alone sustains the Universe. This may not be perceptible to people deluded by worldly attachments. Sathyanarayana is one form of Lord Vishnu who sustains the world. It is appropriate that Baba was named after Lord Vishnu since he too sustains all those who place their faith in him. The devotee may be located anywhere in the globe. If he sincerely remember the name "Sairam", he will be rescued from troubles. Saibaba has said, "You need not spend thousands of Rupees to travel to India to visit my place. Wherever you are, remember me with faith. I will be by your side protecting you. This happened to Al Drucker. When he was piloting his helicopter on a sight seeing trip, suddenly menacing clouds surrounded the entire space. Visibility has become poor. Moreover, in those areas there were protruding peaks of mountain ranges all round. The helicopter lost its balance. Al Drucker struggled hard to balance the helicopter and at the same time climbing heights in order to prevent hitting on the mountains. Now the clouds has hidden the mountain ranges and fuel was depleting. Already, there were some sounds of some parts getting disengaged from the helicopter. Al Drucker lost all hopes of survival. He frantically caught hold of the microphone and tried to sound "May day, May day". But there was no response. His friend who was sitting nearby became unconscious due to impending death. Finding no ways of escape, Al Drucker prayed, Oh God! I want to live. But I leave it to your will. He surrendered to God and became calm. At once,the microphone sounded. He grabbed the microphone. There were series of instruction. "Do you hear me! You need not answer, just turn it right to 600 and turn left and then i will be able to see you. Again the voice said, If you travel straigt, you will reach a small air strip within 75 km. Good bye and good luck. Al Drucker could do nothing except to follow the instructions. But the fuel level was alarming.It won't last for the 75 km run. But he simply flew the copter in the straight direction. As told by the Samaritan, he could identify the airstrip. Immediately he asked permission to land. Suddenly his friend woke up as if from slumber. The helicopter landed safely. The officers were questioning Al Drucker, how he landed in that strip. He said, he was guided by a voice. But the authorities in the airstrip revealed that they were not aware of the landing! A huge typhoon was heading that place and the airstrip was in turmoil few minutes ago. They helped him to refuel and he headed towards Maxico as guided by the airport staff. He alighted at Maxico and found a near by house to take rest. When he went inside, there was some songs played for worshiping some peculiar photo!. Al Drucker however was not impressed. Hence he went upstairs and rested there. There was a candle in front him. He was brooding 'how and who guided him. Suddenly the candle started burning as though somebody has lit it.

After some time, Al Drucker was on his way to India and he came to Prasanthi Nilayam. He wanted to ask Baba about the voice that guided him to safety but he could not verify it. Al Drucker had an Indian room mate at Prasanthi Nilayam. That gentleman narrated a similar experience to Al Drucker which confirmed that Baba was involved in the rescue operation!

Sai,the Savior.


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