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What is the Secret of Happiness?

Updated on March 22, 2011

How to find True Happiness:

Do you know what is the secret of happiness? Let us learn how to find true happiness in life. Everyone wants to experience true happiness, everlasting happiness in life. Is it not? Yes. Spiritual wisdom brings clarity of mind and brings peace and happiness.

You are not destined to suffer. You can overcome any problem with the power of your mind. Do not confuse mind with brain. Mind is a subtle power of the soul and brain is an organ of the body.

Your mind never gets disease. It is your mind that gives direction to the brain and controls everything. By training the mind effectively and empowering the mind, one can bypass any problems in the brain just as a skilled driver maintains a car even with problems in the engine just by knowing the nature of the problem and addressing it effectively. The important qualities needed are self-confidence and determination.

Changing your beliefs about your diseases will change the nature of the diseases themselves and changing the way you perceive something may change the quality of your life.This is the secret of happiness.  Believe in the power of your mind that you already possess and that power will free you from all sufferings. Science is slowly digesting the fact that we are accountable for our actions, and even our thoughts and feelings.

We may at times think who is watching what we are doing? But, little do we realize that whatever we do gets recorded within ourselves (in the soul) and we are just ignorant about this fact. As a result, we face situations that make us think why am I getting these problems? The answer is clear. I am just getting the return of my own actions. We may conveniently ignore the above truth as just a wild imagination or something unscientific. But, within our hearts, the answer is always clear and loud.

If we see the world today, people have become slaves to their senses. The scriptures clearly tell us about the importance of moral values.  Sensual pleasure is not happiness. Happiness is born out of wisdom while pleasure is born out of ignorance. Happiness brings freedom while pleasure brings addiction. Happiness is everlasting while pleasure is momentary.

Happiness is real while pleasure is illusion. Happiness is born from the spirit while pleasure is born from senses. Spirit is immortal while senses are mortal. It is unfortunate that people in this age believe moral values to be a great hindrance to their so-called freedom not realizing that the moral values are like the brakes of a vehicle.

If life is a vehicle, moral values have to be applied just as we apply brakes. If we allow our minds to run at uncontrollable speeds and throw the brake lever (moral values) thinking it as a hindrance that controls our so-called freedom, then we may have to repent later.

Let us be responsible drivers and drive our vehicles (bodies) by following the rules and regulations (moral values) to ensure our own well-being and the well-being of others.  If you want to know the secret of happiness in life, then this e-Book titled "Here's Your Key to Everlasting Happiness" is meant for you. Read every line of this e-Book patiently, understand and imbibe the wisdom in your life and see true happiness in your life.


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