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Satsang and Its Purpose. Monday's Inspiration 51.

Updated on December 16, 2018
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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

The Energy of Thy Collective Love Drew Me

"Feeling the thrills of the internal rhapsody,

I became mute to the externals.

The songs of God-souls faded away,

Like the green of a mango,

Now fully adorned in coloured robes.

Aye, my seeker-friends, it was the energy of thy collective Love,

That drew me, Into the inner stream of Stillness.

I sing and dance in the garden of a thousand flares,

As the bird of my Heart soars, into the vastness-Light of Silence." Manatita 1th December, 2018.

A Satsang is a gathering of seekers, engaged in the pursuit of practices that promote nearness or Oneness with God. It can be formal or informal, large or small and exists purely to facilitate, share or be receptive to a Higher Light … to realise one’s true nature or Self. Satsang needn't use words, though the Silence Itself can also result from being in the company of devotees

The church, temple, synagogue, mosque and other such places, are all examples of Satsang in so far as they meet with an ardent yearning for something deeper or higher within themselves. This ‘something’, is usually given simple names such as Happiness, Truth, Love, Light, Serenity and Beauty.

I’m mentioning all this, as it is the Christmas period and there is normally an increased rush of devotees who congregate to share the Light. Today was our Christmas party and the members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, London, met to celebrate, to renew our fellowship with God and Guru … as well as to praise or adulate the Spirit of Christ.


Satsang helps us enormously. One can and should pray at home and I have done this daily without fail for 36 years. Nevertheless, the camaraderie of the group helps and there are always people to add support for those who may feel below par. In that sense, Satsang is crucial!

Buddhism calls it the Sangha – the community – and this is very common in Ashrams. More modern lifestyle, however, shows the disciple going to work and having his/her own home. Many Christian monks are coming out of their cloisters now and are serving in society, some even without Habits (Robes or special garments that monks and nuns wear)

In all this, it is the spirit and support of each other that matters. When disciples or people of like minds get together, it can be so beautiful! Many of the things I say and take for granted in my spiritual Centre, I do not or cannot say at work. Pardon me, but some humans just do not seem ready for this kind of food and the Christ was very wise to ask us not to share our pearls with swine’s.


Satsang rejuvenates, nourishes, inspires devotion and spiritual experiences, augmenting one’s sense of gladness, joy and peace in a company of satsangees. Today we had fun, did many skits and plays, sang some Christmas carols and Christ-songs. We shared food, desserts and drinks, engaged in dialogue with friends from different parts of England and even from outside the UK.

The spirit of the fellowship was very high, with excellent moods and performances and music which was pure magic or masterpieces. We played games, acted as children and sang many devotional ‘familiars.’ We even prayed and meditated as usual. Above all, the ‘feel good’ factor was awesome and we had pure innocent fun.

Satsang’s are both a celebration and a renewal. Each individual soul or seeker is inspired by another seeker or seekers and the energy or Consciousness is usually high. One comes from there feeling extra special about the Path, love for God and with a greater inspiration to serve his/her fellow brothers and sisters: mankind.

I truly and wholeheartedly recommend Satsang and encourages those without a group or like minds to meet or join a group soon. Many can be found in the neighborhood if we look, but failing this, they can easily be found on the internet. Merry Christmas to all my friends.

Satsang is generally devotional by nature and there may be a satguru present or God-realised soul

Wisdom from The Master

"My Love of God has no need of Heaven's Bliss.

For my Love of God Itself, is the greatest Bliss." -Sri Chinmoy


Do you feel that satsangs are meaningful to you?

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