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Saturn in Aquarius Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

The planet Saturn is the great teacher of life, always providing us with invaluable lessons to learn from. These lessons may seem difficult or unpleasant at the time, but they are very necessary for our own personal development. If you were born with Saturn in Aquarius, please read on to see how it will influence you!

Lighten Up!

Saturn in Aquarius is almost the polar opposite of those with an Aquarius sun sign. It's amazing, really! Where Aquarius sun is flaky and intellectually open to new ideas, Aquarius Saturn is rigid, rigid and more rigid. They are just as intellectual as their sun siblings, but once they've reached a conclusion, it's practically written in stone. Unless, of course, they find an alternative answer on their own. But if someone less knowledgeable came up with the alternative? Harrumph! This is a very unnatural disposition for laid back Aquarius and this will bring a bit of tension to the table and keep it there until Saturn Aquarius learns how to open his mind up to other influences.


Them vs The World

Saturn in Aquarius is very self-sufficient and doesn't need other people. Or so he tells himself! Secretly, on the inside, he knows that he does, but he really hasn't got a clue about how to mingle his way into new social circles. And the few times he's tried, it's probably been difficult, or even disastrous, because he tends to rub people the wrong way with all of his intellectual airs. Hey, I'm not saying you aren't a genius, Aquarius Saturn, but if you're there to make friends, make them -- don't push people away by making them feel less clever than you. Besides, you know you want to be around others, no matter how often you deny it.

Loyal and True

When Saturn in Aquarius does make friends, he appreciates them deeply, perhaps because it can be so difficult for him to open up long enough to make them. So when he's got a kindred spirit near, he becomes the epitome of loyalty and support. No matter how out there this friend appears to others, Aquarius will defend him to the end. After all, Aquarius knows what it's like to be considered unusual or eccentric. But no matter who the friend is, Saturn's Aquarius will be a genuine friend for all time. If only they could allow themselves to make even more friends -- imagine how happy they could be!


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