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Saturn in Capricorn Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the great teacher of life and it will work very hard to present you with opportunities to learn about yourself. These lessons may not always be pleasant, but they are necessary! If you have got a Saturn in Capricorn placement, please read on below to learn more about how this aspect will influence you and the lessons that have been set aside for you to learn!

It's Ok to Have Fun!

Saturn in Capricorn almost always has his nose to the grindstone and they will work relentlessly to achieve their personal goals. Unfortunately, the goals are set so high that it often takes a lifetime to achieve them fully. Even if they are successful in their 40s they will feel it is not enough, and they will continue to slave away until they have finally reached the level of security they feel they need. They may pause to have a family at some point, but then they will work twice as hard, because they now have more people to provide for. The willpower is admirable, amazing even, but there is more to life than work and success. You must learn to experience the emotional aspects of life and allow yourself the chance to enjoy your success! Sadly, many Capricorns do not realize all the times they missed out on until it is too late. Take heed of Saturn's lessons and learn to be present in your own moments of joy.


Emotions Are Not Evil!

Saturn in Capricorn is not a big fan of emotions, whether they are his own or someone elses. He may tell himself this is because he doesn't like drama or hysteria, but the fact is that emotions make him nervous and uncomfortable. Capricorn is often thought to feel little or nothing, but the opposite is true! Capricorn feels emotions very deeply, he or she just does a good job of setting them aside. Why? Because self-control is key to success. Or so they think! Capricorn is afraid that if he taps into those deep, powerful emotions he might lose control of himself and that is a very scary thing for these folks. They must learn to revel in their own depth of emotion, and learn to harness it, because it's not possible to keep it suppressed forever.

Faith is not Foolishness

Saturn in Capricorn could probably sort the world out if he had a mind to try, so I am not implying that he or she needs to enlist the help of others on his path to success. He does, however, need to enlist the help of others on his path to enlightenment -- and we are all on it, like it or not! Capricorn must learn to put his faith in other people and let them help him when the need arises. No, he might not need help with the finances or other tasks, but he does need help with his emotional and spiritual development. And if Capricorn doesn't let someone close to him do this, Saturn will step in and do it a lot less kindly at a later date. Personally, I'd prefer the first method!


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