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Saturn in Gemini Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the great teacher of life, and it will happily place learning situations in front of you that you would really rather not experience. These are, however, essential to your personal growth! If you were born with Saturn in Gemini, this will have a direct influence on the types of problems most commonly presented to you, and you will need to overcome this theme at some point in order to make spiritual progress. To learn more, please see below!

Communication Issues

Gemini is the great communicator, but when Saturn is in Gemini, things can go a bit wonky. Saturn will make it difficult to communicate from a young age, and unless there are highly advantageous aspects in the natal chart, these issues will continue until Gemini learns how to overcome them on their own. The gift of gab will not come naturally to these people, but if they learn to overcome the fear surrounding this issue, the silver tongue of the full-blown Gemini could very well emerge. This will sound easy enough to some, but this sign experiences something akin to stage-fright. The trick is in facing the fear head on, and standing toe to toe for as long as it takes to get past the obstacle. They must practice their communication skills every day, in every way, even when it seems trivial to do so. When it finally becomes second nature, this lesson will be complete.


Tuning into the Emotional

Saturn in Gemini is extremely cerebral. Despite the fear of communicating verbally, they are brilliant at doing it on paper. Or on the keyboard, I suppose is more common these days! They can analyze like a champion and they will neatly categorize all the problems of the world into nice little compartments that they can inspect when the mood strikes them. I'm not going not going to say this is a bad thing, but Gemini does need to learn to deal with the emotional aspects of things, instead of just filing everything away for future perusal. Emotions can put them off because they are not always good at expressing them (verbally, anyway!). If they can figure out how to do this, they will become much more in-tune with the world around them, and they will be less prone to that nervous tension they so often have to cope with.

Learning to Relax

Saturn in Gemini really needs to learn to relax. The sun sign Gemini is very good at socializing and chatting up everyone in a three block radius -- Saturn's Gemini must take a page from this book and try to apply to their own lives in small doses. No one is saying they should emulate their sun sign siblings, but that Gemini energy is there, and it can be made us of! Do not let yourself be bogged down by stress and nervous tension! You must learn to let go of those heavily internalized fears and release them back into the universe, where they can be transmuted into something more positive. Have faith in yourself and your talents; you've got many! Embrace the Gemini energy you were born with, and stop fighting it. You'll be much, much happier.


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