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Saturn in Leo Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the great teacher of life and it will gladly present us with opportunities to learn something new at every turn. Unfortunately, these are experiences most of us would rather forgo, as they tend to play on our innermost insecurities and fears. But these are, perhaps, the most significant lessons we could hope to overcome. And overcome them, we must, because Saturn will keep presenting them until we do. If you were born with Saturn in Leo, please read on to learn more about it how it will influence these lessons!

Risking Taking 101

Leo is a fearless sign that jumps headfirst into the breach, but when Saturn is placed in Leo, it can be a very different scenario. This Leo knows what he wants to achieve, and he may even know exactly how to do it, but he will be burdened with a fear of stepping out there and trying. He does not want to fail, he doesn't want to risk the humiliation and he doesn't want anyone to help him get back up on his feet if he falls. Ironically, all the ability to achieve is there, just under the surface, but they must first win the battle against their own fear before they can triumph over the world.


Learning to Open Up

Unlike Leo sun, Saturn in Leo is not the outgoing, affectionate lion that everyone wants to be around. Saturn's Leo is more subdued and self-contained, because he is not 100% sure that he is worthy of everyone else's attention. He knows he's got that classic Leo energy deep down inside, but he doesn't have direct access to it because he himself has locked it away for safe keeping. Once they start to achieve their goals, they will open that cellar door and some of that Leo energy will come bubbling out, making them appear more warm and fuzzy, and drawing people closer to them. It is important that these folks do not react out of nervousness or fear, and instead embrace the attention. It is in the birthright of anyone with a Leo placement to be revered and admired in some way, and the sooner this is accepted, the more easily life will flow along.

Humble Pie

Even though Saturn in Leo is not as egocentric as Leo sun, there are ego issues to be dealt with here. If they are not dealt with in a timely fashion, Saturn will likely subject this Leo to a healthy slice of humble pie. Unfortunately, this is the only way some people can learn to gain control of their ego. It is much more preferable, however, to work on the ego as diligently as possible in order to avoid something like this, as Saturn is very good at shocking a lesson directly into your system! And remember, just because you are adept at hiding your ego from the world, doesn't mean that you haven't got one, or that it's being kept in check!


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