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Saturn in Sagittarius Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the great teacher of life, and this very serious planet will often throw valuable lessons your way, whether you want them or not! It is best to face them head on when they arrive, as if these lessons are not learned in a timely fashion, Saturn will be all too happy to send more of them your way. If Saturn was in Sagittarius when you were born, please continue reading to learn how it will affect your life!

Learning to be More Open Minded

Sagittarius sun gets bored pretty easily, but Saturn in Sagittarius is very capable of intense levels of focus. At times, to the point of their own detriment. It can be very hard to get them to see the light if they are unwilling to accept anyone else's opinion. To be fair, they have probably researched the issue thoroughly, and they might even be an expert. Indeed, the may even be absolutely right about whatever is being discussed. But they must learn to at least entertain the opinions of others, and be gracious in listening, as nothing is absolute and even a wrong answer could bring new and beneficial information to light.


Learning to Let Loose (Sometimes!)

Sagittarius sun has no problem rushing out into the world and exploring everything and anything. They are wiling to take chances and risks, no problem. Saturn in Sagittarius is quite the opposite, however, and they live a far more rigid existence. They obey the rules and do not often consider breaking them. On the other hand, that natural Sagittarian impulse for excitement is part of them, albeit hidden deep within. It will try to surface whenever possible, and unfortunately this will take the form of high risk scenarios that are out of character for this placement. Therefore it is necessary for these people to learn to embrace their secret appetite for adventure and not wait until it erupts like a geyser on its own.

It's Ok to Depend on Others!

Saturn in Sagittarius does not willingly place themselves in anyone's hands. They know what is best for them, and they are capable of getting the job -- any job, really -- done on their own, thank you very much! But just because you can, doesn't mean you have to, and it certainly doesn't mean you always should. There will be situations when self can be relied on, and there will be times when it will benefit Saturn in Sagittarius to embrace others and let them share in the learning experience. Opening up to other people and letting them into your life is a necessary lesson with this placement, and it's easiest to learn it while the lessons are still relatively simple -- if you wait too long, Saturn will throw you some curveballs you might find even less appealing!


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