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Saturn in Scorpio Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the astrological teacher of life and it will bestow many lessons on you throughout your time here on Earth. The lessons will often be difficult, but those are the lessons that will make you the wisest, so embrace them as best you can! If you were born with Saturn in Scorpio, please see below to learn more about how this energy will affect your life.

Deep Rooted Fears

Scorpio is a very powerful sign, and when the negative elements are drawn out and magnified for the sake of teaching valuable lessons, you have the Saturn in Scorpio experience! Those with a sun in Scorpio will suffer bouts of insecurity and fear, but those with Saturn in Scorpio will struggle with this on an almost daily basis. Until, that is, they finally learn the lessons Saturn is trying to teach! Until then, they will struggle with determining their own self-worth. They often judge their worth by the way others react to them, which makes rejection physically painful to them. If others are rejecting them, they must be unworthy in some way, is the logic they often suffer from. By the same token, they must not value themselves based on the positive attention they get from others, as this can make it difficult for them to judge who is a real friend and who is not. If they fall in with unsavory characters who treat them as friends, Saturn in Scorpio could totally overlook their negative traits simply because they are treated well by them.


Learning to Accept Defeat

Saturn in Scorpio must learn to accept defeat humbly, or least calmly, as opposed to running out and seeking revenge immediately thereafter. This instinct comes partly from a desire to control their environment, but it also goes back to that insecurity mentioned above; they take it very personally when they fail at something and they will assume this is because they are not good enough at whatever they were trying to do. And, from a practical perspective, they may not have been. At that particular time, that is! They must learn that there is nothing stopping them from further developing their skills and talents and being successful at a later time. But whether they try again or not, revenge is never the answer and this is a lesson Saturn in Scorpio must learn.

Being Honest with Self

Saturn in Scorpio must learn to look deep within and determine what their true drive is. Many times they can become distracted by material goals, but these accomplishments will rarely keep them happy for long, because Scorpio is very soulful and spiritual deep within. So when they find themselves surrounded with material possessions but can't understand why they are so unhappy, this is the perfect time to reflect on why they wanted those objects in the first place. Scorpio's path is that of enlightenment, and they must learn to overcome the drive for material things and find the path to spiritual growth.


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