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Saturn in Taurus Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the planet that teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and helps us learn how to deal with the good and the bad in an appropriate way. Depending on where it was placed when you were born, the lessons you must struggle with could vary greatly. If you were born with Saturn in Taurus, this is the energy that will color many or most of your lessons. To learn more about this aspect of the natal chart, please continue reading!

Money is Not Everything

Taurus is a sign closely associated with material possessions, and this energy has an important lesson for Saturn in Taurus. If the lessons are not learned quickly, the issue of money could be a life-long trial for this sign. These people often live in fear of not having enough to get by, even if there is no outwardly obvious reason for having this fear. When they see others with money, they may be jealous, wondering why it's so difficult for them to get ahead themselves. More often than not, however, they feel that they have what they deserve, and will continue to work diligently just to maintain the bare minimum. They may become habitual penny-pinchers, imprisoning themselves in a life of miserly unhappiness for no apparent reason. This must be overcome, as the root of the issue is a lack of self-worth and the feeling that other


Stubborn Viewpoints

Taurus is famous for being stubborn, and that energy can be found in Saturn in Taurus people. They are often rigid in their opinions, which can really prevent them from getting ahead and living the life they really want to have. While it's true that these folks put a lot of thought and consideration into their decisions, there are bound to be times when those decisions are not necessarily the best route to take. If Taurus can open themselves up, just slightly, to outside opinion and influence, they may be surprised at how successful they could be when putting two or more heads together.

Extreme Self-Denial

While self-restraint and self-control are useful characteristics, extreme self-denial rarely is. Saturn in Taurus has a tendency to think that if they deny themselves the basics in life, they will somehow become deserving of better things later on. They will put themselves through unnecessary hell as a form of preemptive penance for the rewards they hope to acquire somewhere down the road. Part of this stems from guilt, because they know they are materialistic in many ways -- but that is not a crime! Taurus needs to realize that simply exercising self-restraint is more than enough to warrant a comfortable lifestyle. Unfortunately, Taurus is full of strength and determination and it can take eons before they finally allow themselves some of the comforts other people automatically feel entitled to. With a little help from Saturn, Taurus will hopefully learn to strike a balance between the two.


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