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Saturn transits as per vedic astrology

Updated on June 7, 2011

Reverence To Saturn

Before writing this hub I pay my reverence to Saturn, the deity, and planet as my limited knowledge may not be sufficient to describe the grandness of the deity in all its aspects. I also seek forgiveness for any misrepresentation due my limited knowledge.

As per Indian or Vedic astrology, each Saturn transit lasts for seven and half years, it denotes a period when Saturn gives fruit of ones karma. All of us go through phases of Saturn transit, of either fifteen or twenty-two and half years during our lives. This implies that all of us would go through two or three Saturn transits in total. Saturn takes near about thirty years to complete one revolution through all zodiac signs, hence the period of weak Saturn repeats every thirty-year in ones life.


Phases of Saturn transit

Saturn transit starts when Saturn enters the twelfth sign from the persons moon sign, moon sign is the zodiac sign in which moon is present at the time of birth of an individual. It continues till Saturn transverses through first sign (moon sign itself) and second sign. To travel through these three signs it takes seven and a half year i.e. approximately two and a half years in each sign. Saturn’s transit through each to these three zodiac marks three separate phases of Saturn transit respectively.

Phase 1: Phase 1 of Saturn transit begins when Saturn enters the twelfth sign from your moon sign, this is the zodiac house previous to your moon sign. The entry of the Saturn to this house marks the beginning of a challenging phase that may test you on many fronts during next seven and half years. Phase one is the first phase that lasts for approximately two and half years. During this period the following class of problems may come your way:

  1. Challenges pertaining to health.
  2. Sudden trips and/or unplanned journeys with uncertain results.
  3. Unforeseen expenses accompanied by reduced or diminished income.
  4. Arousal in unprovoked disputes, in spite of your efforts to avoid them.
  5. Stress and conflict with elders of family.
  6. Overall financial distress.

It is important to keep courage during the phases of Saturn transit as, it is suggested that those who keep courage and leave no stone unturned come out victorious through these tests. It should also be noted that every challenge that is thrown in your direction by virtue of Saturn is an opportunity in disguise.

Phase 2. The beginning of phase two is marked by entry of Saturn into your moon sign, like phase one, phase two also continues for approximately two and half years. Phase two is believed to be the most difficult phase during the seven and half years of weak Saturn. During this period you may:

  1. Find yourself in situations that exert extreme pressure one you.
  2. Problems with no apparent solution may come your way (although they may eventually subside)
  3. Fresh problem at the family front leading to disturbance in family harmony.
  4. Professional challenges that may lead to a change in profession or job.
  5. Feeling of fear without any apparent reason.
  6. Cluttered and hazy thinking will make it difficult for you to take decisions.

With determination and continued effort phase two can also be conquered, use logic along with rationality to take good decisions, if possible try to quieten your mind through prayers and this period too will pass as the previous one.

Phase 3: When Saturn enters the zodiac sign next to your moon sign the last and third phase of Saturn transit begins. This phase is milder than the previous two. This is often because people develop courage facing problems for continuous five years. The problems too start to loose intensity compared to phase one and two. Although be careful not to be complacent, as your enemies or rivals may be active during this phase. Expenses may still be on the higher side and, you may have to put some extra effort and attention to maintain cordial relations with superiors.

Most important: Do not let humanity; empathy, compassion and love die within you due to continued trials and suffering that’s the real test that is thrown at you by Saturn.

After Saturn Transit is over: Once the Saturn transit is over, you will get results of all the efforts you have put during the last seven and half years. It often comes in bulk as if someone was holding your deserved rewards, just to test you. Hence it is important to put best efforts during Saturn transit.

Vedic astrology recognizes Saturn transit and terms this period as sade sati, which literally means seven and half years. Besides major Saturn transits, there are minor Saturn transits too but they are less testing and last for shorter durations. Minor Saturn transits are called ‘ Panouti’ in vedic astrology.


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    • theastrology profile image


      6 years ago from New Delhi

      HI Tintin, Thanks for sharing a nice article on vedic astrology, It's such a nice and very interesting.

      very pleased to read it.


    • Tintin25 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I am currently writing about this, i think i will be able to publish it today!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      I was born in May 1959 so how would Saturn transits have affected my life? I am interested to see if there is a correlation in my life.


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