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Ending the Never-Ending Conflicts: A Prayer of Reconciliation and Renewal

Updated on March 20, 2017

Ending the Never-Ending Conflicts

Lord, be in the midst of your people as they strive to find lasting solutions to their never-ending conflicts. It is not incomprehensible that your servants are mature in body but immature in spirit. Like a father or a mother who holds his son’s or daughter’s hand and guides him or her on the safe path, today and forever hold your servants' spiritual hand and guide them through to that place: the place where cordiality and collegiality will be the guiding principles of personal and professional growth and development.

Lord, let all causes of conflicts -- unhealthy, poor and botched communication; gossip; passive aggressiveness; and unhealthy and destructive competition -- that discourage teamwork and promote individualism, selfishness and pervasive low morale, be struck out of your people's daily routines by your mighty hand. And, as they plan to uproot the causes of their conflicts once and for all, open their eyes so that they may see the strengths and opportunities in each others’ work rather than their faults and weaknesses; open their ears that they may carefully hear, listen and gain a deeper understanding of each others’ opinions and points of view rather than relying on stereotypes and prejudices they may hold in their hearts. Open their hearts that they may genuinely forgive each other and one another for the good of their country.

Lord, each of your servants has good intentions for his or her country but sometimes inadvertently allows political self-interests to deter him or her from doing what he or she knows to be morally right. For the many times that your servants have fallen short of the expectations of their responsibilities and the offices they hold, forgive them of their trespasses. For those who are blatantly critical of others' contribution to the success of their country, give them a sense of self-reflection so that they may learn to give credit where credit is due.

Lord, as your servants embark on the journey of reconciliation and renewal, let them be reminded that they are imperfect creatures who have fallen short of your glory. From this day forth, be their instrument of peace: where there are misconceptions, misunderstands, misinformation, mistrust, blackmail and character assassinations, may sobriety, civility and decency be restored for God and their country. Amen.


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