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Saved Through prayers.

Updated on September 9, 2012

The Seriousness of prayers

Men Ought Always To Pray Without Ceasing.
Men Ought Always To Pray Without Ceasing.

The Seriousness of prayers.

A group of friends went to a village party organised by a village Friend to say bye to more than 45 years of bachelor life. All was set, the tables were loaded with food and drinks. Unknown to the small group of friends, their table was a death trap, either the food or the beer was poisoned .

But before he ate,one of them in the group said some prayers in a haste and ate his food.Others didn't, they ate and drank and filled their stomach with ease. Few days after,four out of the six people that sat on the same table died,the only surviving participant was the man that said his prayers before meals.When asked why he cheated death, he said he did so because he said his prayers before eating the food.

This to a large extent points seriously to the seriousness of prayers in everything we do. This is because it is very common to get discouraged and therefore faint as life's wind for survival blows unabated. We have been enjoined to pray always without ceasing He[ the God] that gave the command on prayers certainly knows the importance of prayers. "Then He spake a parable unto them that men ought always to pray without ceasing "Luke 18;1] And when the co-member of the group prayed before eating, he did not die.

The importance and necessity of prayers cannot be over emphasized, prayer is to the spiritual man what food is to the body, what music is to the soul and what breathing is to mankind. It is serious,it is God's major contact point with man, God loves the man that prays, such a man will always remain spiritually alive and alert know him the more and do exploits.

The adversary the devil according to the bible in the book of first Peter 5;8-9--walks or roars about like a lion seeking whom he may devour and without the resistance that prayers offers, he devours easily. So therefore resist the devil he will flee.

Apart from the reason of resisting the enemy to put him to flight, it is the way and medium through which God is approached and it is one of God's recognised ways of provisions.God is good, he has guaranteed that every one that asks,receives, anyone that knocks must see an open door and everyone that seeks, will certainly find through a life blessed with vibrant prayers. -Mathew [7;7-11]

Furthermore, prayers will lead the man that prays always,to fulness of joy, for if he prays and recieves answers to his prayers, his joy will be full . It is prayers that brings us to the presence of the almighty God where fullness and joy is found.

Tremendous possibilities and opportunities in life are opened through a life of prayers. God has a lot of goodies for us , it is only through prayers that these tremendous opportunities are exposed to man. We are fruitful through prayers, we are grafted to the true vine so that we can bear different fruits while still in the world of sin.--Jeremiah [3:3, Isaiah 48; 6 ]

When you pray and seriously too, you glorify God and open up a channel of communion with him. The hour or hours of prayers shoud to every Christian be the sweetest hour , time to declare the goodness of God ,thank him for all he has done and like in a father-son relationship make our requests known unto him.

The more we pray, the more we discover we have divine tasks to accomplish.Prayer is serious, it's seriousness cannot be over emphasized.,There are many things that can be delegated in life,not prayers, nobody can do your prayers for you while you relax, you must pray without ceasing.--Mathew 17; 21, John 14;13, Romans 10 14-15. Luke 11;10.


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