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Saving Sacred Sites

Updated on May 4, 2013

There are lot a sacred sites that need to be preserved such as Hickory Ground in Wetumpka , Alabama were there were approximately 60 remains dug up and put in a mass grave and 7 chiefs were dug up from under the arbors and then put back in the ground and a $ 246,000 million dollar casino was built around them and the artifacts and there belongings were not put back in the ground with them as the Poarch Band Creek said they were going to put them in there museum some of the remains were so brittle that they could not get them up and they were ground up with the machinery and hauled to the local dump .

There were some of the citizen of the Creek Nation ( Mvskove) that went to Wetumpka Alabama to pray for the ancestors and they were denied access to the property the first day and then on the second day four of the citizens went on the property and were met by the tribal police and arrested for trespassing and then when arrangement were made they decided to add a false charge against the fourth one which was terrorist threats which were never made.

And due to a holiday Wayland Gray a creek citizen had to remain in the Elmore County jail in Alabama until Chief Tiger the principal chief of the Creek Nation came to Alabama to get him as he was being held on a 30,000 dollar cash only bond which was reduced to 15.000 dollars.

There is also the Grand Canyon where the contractors are trying to built a trans to go from the top of the rim to the bottom of the grand canyon , there is sacred land in the grand canyon of the Navajo this needs to be protected .

Creek citizen Wayland Gray was released after an anonymous donor paid 10 % of the 15,000.00 dollars which was 1500.00 dollars but he still has to appear in court on May 9,2013 and could face up to 10 years in prison .

There is the Tar Sans in Arkansas where an pipeline burst and oil spilled and got onto peoples property and is covering the wild life with oil and now getting into the lake which is contaminating the water this is the reasons the XL pipe line needs to be stopped because the desecration of the sacred land and the destruction of the wild life.

Wounded Knee is now being put up for sale where there was a massacre of our ancestors in 1890 and I think this should be preserved not sold to the highest bidder for someone to build over the blood of our ancestors. This is also where in 1973 there was a protest from several hundred locals and the American Indian Movement (AIm). The land owner is demanding that the Pine Ridge Nation pay him 3.9 million by May 1,2013 for land that is only worth $10,000.00 .

We need to protect and to preserve these sacred sites as these are important to the culture of the Native American and to the Native people as these sacred sites were the homes and the ceremonial grounds . The native people would bury there family on the grounds which they lived on .


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    • Cheryl Wadkins profile imageAUTHOR

      lady cherokee 

      5 years ago

      Wayland goes back to court August 22,2013 for his last charge the creator is with you Wayland all will work out .

    • Cheryl Wadkins profile imageAUTHOR

      lady cherokee 

      5 years ago

      Grand Jury decided there wasn't enough evidence to go forward with the terrorist charge on Wayland Gray.

    • Cheryl Wadkins profile imageAUTHOR

      lady cherokee 

      5 years ago

      Wayland we will keep you in our prayers ,but I know the creator is watching over you so every thing will work out ,


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