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In This World You Will Have Trouble

Updated on August 14, 2013

Only for a moment you went away from me.

I went searching for you.

Then Like a nightmare I found you &

he had pulled his gun on you.

For no reason, you did nothing to deserve this.

I screamed and begged, telling

him you belong to me. Ignoring my pleas for your life

& he fired his gun 5 times

into your chest. Not knowing it,

you took your last five steps.

Running frantically over to you, determined to save your life!

You were still breathing and you

needed water to keep your body from shutting down.

That helped you temporarily, but wasn't

what you needed. You were fighting so hard to live.

You wanted to live and you have a right

to live. I need you to live! I love you so much!

Then all of a sudden you started gasping for you breath.

You screamed in between every breath.

As if you were suffocating you stopped breathing as you

were looking into my eyes. So quickly I

blew air into your lungs. Come back to life!

Please, please come back!

I'm not going to give up on you, I said.

I started praying over you, deep moans,

tears wouldn't stop falling out of my eyes trembling in

such shock as I prayed. I felt the power of Jesus surging

through my hands like waves of heat as I prayed with my hands on you.

With peace in your eyes, I saw you relax in God's peace.

I held you & showed you affection. I loved you & through it all stayed awake.

I was willing to make any sacrifice necessary to keep you alive.

I know that you knew I loved you

by how well you received it. Sticking by you the whole time,

I kept praying also just for you.

Praying you live, praying you fight hard even

though your not that strong.I know God loves you.

After all the care & all the medicine you started fading again.

Becoming weaker & weaker with every

second. I was sobbing so hard at that point,

I couldn't imagine what you were feeling. You

started bleeding, blood everywhere .

As I picked you up with your body all disfigured, with

your blood running down my arms, looking into your

eyes you took your last and final breath.

Even though I gave you my all and didn't leave your side you still died.

I loved you,hugged and kissed you so you would know what love is

& what it felt like.The pain of you dying, of your beautiful life

& presence leaving me, caused a pain that I can only

describe as a real pain, a real physical pain that pierced my

heart and filled my body with pain.

It hurt so bad and even to this day

you memory still makes me cry & reminds me of the mark

you left in my life still remains as a very painful scar.

This is about alot of the animals I've lost all combined together. All of there lives counted and they were beautiful and deserved a full life. I rescue animals most live and I can save there life, but some I have lost.

It's so hard to love those who you know might die & die soon. But I still can't stop loving them even if there just going to die. I know, I just know that God has a place for them in heaven.

They have to know love at the very least before they die. It is a breaking moment every time one of them dies and worse when they die in my arms. It really does cause deep pain.

Just like people- I pray for them, I offer them the Salvation of Jesus Christ.I won't give up on them because He loves them.

I see there in pain, real pain & suffering and dying by the billions. I keep on praying. I love these people! It hurts to help a dying world. It's also rewarding a lot of times, when I get to see the many times God moves and people are healed, delivered, changed, restored & saved.

Jesus moves every day, He saves every day.Jesus does miracles every day but faith first is the only requirement,. Just to believe!

I don't understand everything about why all the pain, deaths & suffering. But I do know that us turning our backs on God isn't helping and hiding the truth that our only salvation is Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ can save all mankind if they will just call on Him! This turning away from God has caused us to walk into satan's playground and suffer the unavoidable consequences of early deaths, losses, divorces, sickness & misery. Sin causes death & misery period. You do understand cause & effect with everything else but why not with God? If you run and hide and don't care what He thinks, how can He protect you if it is determed by your free will? God wants you, He has already chose you. God's waiting on you!

A person's soul is so important. The soul was placed in all mankind

so God would have a direct link to each individual.

Once that person chooses his creator through

accepting the gift of Jesus Christ then there's a real spiritual umbilical

cord linked to God & that person. The soul has been made to survive

eternity, it will never die.

Jesus really does love all mankind and understands pain and suffering. God doesn't cause pain and suffering. Jesus was sent by God to save, redeem all mankind from the curse of death from sin.

When all the world's sin came onto Jesus, that's what caused Him to die- sin. Your sins! God didn't want us to suffer because He loves us but we have to choose life. He set it out in front us & has even given us promises that He has and will continue to fulfill. God does try to persuade us to choose life.

So Jesus holds His hand out to YOU— Do you except His free gift? Do you choose to believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead? AND can you say RIGHT Now "Jesus you are my Lord I accept you"? If you don't believe me then read Romans 10:9-10 God Has made it easy.


 And power with Jesus.

Jesus is the source of light-

There's healing in His light.

Resurrection power in His presence.

Restoration in His light.

Our redemption is in the light.

Jesus the light of the world.

Jesus Christ

More than a hero—

More than a prophet—

More than a Son—

More than the word of God—

More than a perfect sacrifice—

Definitely not our equal.

He is returning With the last and final sequel.

To overcome all evil.

Receive Jesus as your Lord

& let Him fill you with His light!

His love is right!

To give all people sight!

Come to the light!

Invading Light

Light invades, with its cascade, — most powerful.

Invokes the desires of all world-wide.

A shining light on a hill-

the bearer of all truth.

Filling up the willing recipients-

causing impartation of wisdom & understanding.

all who partake of the light-

will find the source of life.

He went through sorrow, saving all.

Filling all- with a light that so brightly radiates.

Hope for all mankind-

universally all are called.

In marriage to the light-

Vessels of light.

With torches in hand-

we will get to this land.

cutting through the darkness-

We our His lights.

We have been illuminated by His light.

Gaining understanding-


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