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Scattered But Beautifully Planned

Updated on December 25, 2011

Life In The Making

I took a trip to a new labyrinth today. It was funny I expected to get there and find one that had been around for a while, but instead when I got there I found a brand new one in the process of being put in. Isn’t it funny how we think that something old, some thing we’re used to is the best thing for us? How do we know whenever God wants us to let go of the old and start again a new?

I looked at the scattered pieces of stone, some put in their places already and still other yet to be determined. I couldn’t help but think to myself isn’t it funny how we stand alone sometimes but yet still there is a plan in the process and all we have to do is wait and see how the pieces fall?

You know our lives sometimes don’t always go as we plan, but somehow there is God and He has the master plan. That master plan is built on solid ground and that plan is rock solid.

I looked at the design of the labyrinth trying to figure out what turns to take, what the pattern was and where it would end. However being that the building of the labyrinth is still in the building process I couldn’t quite figure it all out.

On the other side I couldn’t help but realize that the plans were already set in motion a long time before the pattern was ever there. Its funny how our life twists, turns and bends but God is always there on our sides with the master plan in His hand. He may not always show us the answer to our prayers right away, but He does answer them when we ask. Sometimes however it is all just a matter of perfect timing until He reveals the perfect answer.

Looking at the labyrinth made me smile to myself. Because right now it the labyrinth and I both have something major in common we are not complete yet, maybe even only half way complete at that, but there is a master plan. Things in our lives like stones in a labyrinth might be scattered but in the end it will all become a beautiful masterpiece all we need to do is surrender ourselves to God's perfect will.


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