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Is it Religion or Science?

Updated on March 31, 2017

Adam and Eve or Evolution?

This question was raised among some people at my job the other day, and I sat back and listened, as my co-workers debated the subject. Were we all created by a Divine God, or did we come from a clump of cells that evolved into thousands of different species? Each side raised valid points, however "Team Evolution" got stumped a few times.

We all Turn To God

No matter which side of the debate you're on, if it's midnight and you get the dreaded phone call that your teenager was in a car accident. Your first thoughts are always "On My God, please let him be Okay".
If your spouse is getting wheeled away for a major surgery, in your head your saying "Please let him be okay". If you don't believe in God, who are you asking? The clump of cells you once were?
Is this just instinct? To immediately turn to God, even if you don't believe there is a God.

Explanation of Miracles

Team Evolution believes in karma, what goes around comes around. It's just the "universe" making things even.
Team God believes in divine intervention.
Both are difficult to prove, unless of course, you've actually experienced a miracle.
When you are told your eight year old grandson has brain cancer and the tumor on his brain is in a spot that is impossible to completely remove, do you turn to praying to God or wait for karma to make things right? I mean after all, he is only eight. What in the world could he have possibly done to upset the universe? Or perhaps this is all part of God's plan. Then when the surgery has been completed and the surgeon tells you that the tumor had "somehow" shifted off of the brain stem and he was able to completely remove it. Are you thanking God for answering your prayers? Or do you think karma stepped in to make things right?

The Book

While scientists continue to try to explain away our beginnings, The Bible remains the best selling book of all time (According to Guinness World Records). It's survived hundreds of years of scrutiny. Thousands of attempts of disclaim. Yet you can still find one in most homes.

The Decline of Society

"But look at the world we live in now, how can your God allow this" says Team Evolution.
Team God responded with how God watched his only son be tortured and allowed to die on the cross and didn't intervene. Which was a solid answer, however I would have added that perhaps The Bible, although still the best selling book of all times, is being read less. It's similar to an alcoholic, they know they have a drinking problem and they know what they need to do to solve the problem, yet they are addicted, and rather than seek help, they order another drink. Society is declining because rather than seek guidance through The Bible and God, people make careless choices which have devastating consequences.

Have You Actually SEEN This God of Yours

Seeing is believing, or so the saying goes.
Of course science is based on actual facts, statistics, numbers, things you can see, feel, hear, touch, smell. So where and how does God fall into this?
Team God's answer was stellar.
"Do infants in the womb believe that there is life after delivery? That there is a "mother" whom they have never seen, that will nurture and care for him and provide for his every need? That the umbilical cord, which provides their only means of support will be cut and they will have to use their legs to walk, their mouths to eat, their eyes to see...etc.
If it's really quiet and they listen very closely, perhaps they can hear this "mother" whom they've never seen."

In The End

At the end of the day, of course, the choice is yours. Religion or Evolution. I am Team God. I will always be Team God. To the Team Evolution people, maybe one day there will come a time where God will present his presence in your life so strongly, you can no longer deny him. Maybe you will need a miracle and he will provide it for you. For myself, just looking around at my wonderful life, my husband, my children, my grandchildren, that in itself is a miracle from God, even though he has also bestowed countless miracles upon me.


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