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Science vs Paranormal - Astral Projection

Updated on September 13, 2016

What is astral projection?

Astral projection is an interpretation of out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of an "astral body" separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it. - Wikipedia.

Interesting part is that science does not believes in soul or astral body or whatever you may want to call it and says that it is happening in the head of the person. Astral projectors (those are able to do astral projection) say that science is wrong and they indeed have a soul and it goes out of their body. Some have even gone to other dimensions and have met beings there. Techniques of doing astral projection are available all over the internet and it is flooding with them, but science wants solid proof for something that is arguably non-physical in nature. I am going to be a neutral party in this argument and I will present the facts and I will not state which side I believe is right anywhere in the article and your job is to decide for yourself.

Scientific side of the arguement

When I am talking about science here I mean majority of scientists and not all of them because all the scientists do not agree on many things and they keep arguing about their own theories with each other. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked so let us get back to the original argument. So majority of scientists say that astral projection is a myth and only hallucinations in the brain. Let us just say that they are hallucinations, but if they are hallucinations then why are some people able to trigger them without any drugs.

Now let me tell you about a study that was done by some scientists and these scientists say that they have unlocked the mystery behind astral trips. They found a woman who could do astral projection and put her into a brain scanner. They found out that she was able to see herself float on a horizontal plane and do much more. The scientists agreed and related this to areas of her brain and finally concluded that this is happening in her brain. So astral projection is a hallucination that is triggered by unusual brain activity.

It is theorized that brain keeps track of where the body is located and those who are able to have out of body experience have some problem in their brain. The problem is not serious but it can cause one to lose sense of one's body while sleeping and thus causing the illusion of floating above the body. Some people even learn to do it by practises such as meditation.

There are several experiments that have been done to prove that out of body experiences are mere illusions and nothing more.

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are such dreams in which a person is conscious that he is dreaming. Astral projection is a type of lucid dream according to the scientists. Lucid dreaming is something that is believed to be real by modern science. In lucid dreams a person can do whatever he wants and this also happens in astral projection. Some people who thought that they were astral projecting later said that they were just lucid dreaming after reading or learning about lucid dreams. The experiment that I mentioned above also concludes that the subject was lucid dreaming and nothing else.


Psychedelics are also worth mentioning here as they can help in explaining astral projection scientifically. First of all, I am not motivating anyone to do drugs and they can seriously harm you so do not think about it. Psychedelics are those drugs that produce hallucinations such as LSD. Psychedelics show us that mind can indeed produce vivid hallucinations and like those who do astral projection, those who do psychedelics also believe that their experience was real. Psychedelics is connected to spirituality and the person starts consuming drugs in the name of god. Psychedelics are dangerous drugs and some drugs can even kill you. It is not proved that another dimension exists so it is better to stay away from psychedelics. If brain can produce hallucinations by consuming drugs then it strengthens the belief that astral projection is just in the mind.

Paranormal side of the argument

Now let us get to the paranormal side of argument. It is true that astral projection can be a big business and many cds, books and videos are sold online for promoting and earning from astral projection. Science says that there is no soul and astral projection involves the existence of a soul that is why there is conflict between the two. There is lack of scientific evidence to support astral projection.

Theories that may support astral projection:

Many worlds interpretation of quantum physics- This theory says that whenever a random event happens then the universe divides itself into a number of possible outcomes. This theory is an attempt to understand the nature of reality itself. Earlier when it was proposed by Hugh Everett it was thought to be rubbish, but Quantum Suicide experiment made this a possibility again.I have given a link below so that you can know more about quantum suicide. This theory supports multidimensional phenomena, but this one also has not been proved.

String theory- String theory has received the support of Stephen Hawking so this one is worth mentioning. String Theory says that all the matter is composed of strings and the M theory which combines all the string theories says that there are 11 dimensions and 7 are curled up in a extremely tiny ball so that we can not see them. We have only verified the existence of 4 dimensions until now. This theory also supports astral projection as the astral world may exist without our knowledge of those curled up dimensions. The strings are vibrational and vibration has a place in the astral projection techniques. Vibration takes place when the astral body separates from physical body so it maybe possible that after raising our vibrations these curled up dimensions can be accessed. I am not sure about whether string theory supports astral projection or not, but it certainly looks like it.

Here is Anthony Peake who is taking about his book explaining astral projection, remote viewing and much more.

Some people claim to astral project while meditating.


Almost every astral projection technique involves a vibrational phase. Vibrational phase is a phase in which a person feels his body vibrating. Vibrations are believed to be the signal that the astral body is separating from physical body. This phase is not something that science has been able to explain. How do these vibrations occur? This question is a big one and is a significant obstacle in disapproving astral projection. Those who believe in astral projection say that by raising or lowering vibrations other planes of existence can be accessed.


Doppleganger means a double or look alike of a person. Here I am talking about a paranormal phenomena and not a natural one. It is true that natural dopplegangers are also there, but some people have seen their doppleganger of paranormal nature including Abraham Linclon. Vikings also believed in dopplegangers and it shows that this belief is also old like astral projection. A doppleganger may perform tasks and some paranormal sites say that it is possible to project a doppleganger like we do astral projection. Doppleganger is believed to be a harbinger of death and some people get really worried when they encounter their look alike. Some have seen doppleganger in their house and some housemates have also noticed the presence of a double. I am mentioning this here as doppleganger may signal that we exist in more than one realities and this phenomena makes the world even more mysterious. If we exist in more than one realities, then astral projection is possible.

Near death experiences

Near death experiences are based on the existence of soul and if they are proved, then astral projection will also be proved. If near death experiences are proved, then it will be proved that we have a soul and those who believe in astral projection say that their soul travels outside the body. I do not think that I need to write any more in this matter.

Religions of the world

Different religions of the world believe in the existence of soul and astral projection is based on the existence of soul. If there is no soul, then astral projection is just a result of brain activity and completely explainable by science. In a way religions may support astral projection. In Hinduism it is believed that after reaching a certain level of spiritual understanding a person can leave the body at will and go to higher dimensions and well as the lower dimensions of existence. I recently read a book in which a saint explained his travels to other dimensions. Other religions also support the belief in soul and therefore astral projection becomes a possibility.


Some experiments like the video below have verified that astral projection may be a paranormal phenomena. The problem is that it is difficult to replicate the results and it becomes hard to prove it scientifically. Watch the video below.

Experiment that tries to prove astral projection is real.

Final thoughts

Out of body experiences maybe proved to be real, but then science will also include belief in soul. Proving astral projection can prove that consciousness may indeed live after our death. The obvious conclusion would be that our consciousness never dies and we are simply immortal. More research is needed in this field and more experiments shall be done and documented. It is not just a matter of proving astral projection but it is much bigger than that. Religions have been already talking about soul for thousands of years and it is time that this matter is settled once and for all. I hope scientists show some interest in astral projection as its believers are on the rise.

Do you believe in astral projection?

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Now, I wanna know what you think so please use the comments section to register your point of view. Thanks.

© 2016 Kshitiz Gaur


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    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 2 years ago from India

      Thanks Manatita for your comments.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Well Bro, I see that you are interested in quite a few things. No fear, seekers tend to go that way. At the appointed hour, Yoga will come naturally to you. Some things have their value, and of course you seem quite young. Decent input here. Much Peace.

    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 2 years ago from India

      Thank you for your comment.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      I am glad to go through this hub which provides great insights in paranormal phenomena. Some people do evince interest in such metaphysical things. I too am interested in all such ESP phenomena. Your interest in various subjects is really good.


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