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Science vs Religion

Updated on September 3, 2012

Just a thought.

Suppose religion and science views were both right. Science has worked to answer the question on “how” while religion looked to answer the question of “why”. Two different views of the same coin as both refuse to acknowledge the others views of the creation of life.

The religious version, mainly Christianity, did the most damage to themselves by making themselves and their views more predominate that the Hebrew teachings. Every book, or scroll as the early Hebrews and Christians called them, were written in the Hebrew language. When the scrolls were translated to Latin, they faced many obstacles.

The Christians, working to create a book of their teachings that became known as the Bible, were mainly anti-Hebrew. Many books or scrolls were not included in the bible or were altered. Because these recorded documents showed the Hebrews in a better light than the Christians. Even the scrolls from other disciples who traveled with Jesus were left out. They told of Jesus’s true purpose of his role as the Messiah and why God choose the Hebrew people.

It should be noted that in Revelation 22:19 it is referring to the Book of Revelations. Not the bible as a whole. The Book of Revelations was written between 60 and 90 AD. In 315 AD: Athenasius, the Bishop of Alexandria, identifies the 27 books of the New Testament which are today recognized as the canon of scripture. The first manuscripts were not produced that contained all 80 books (scrolls) until 382 AD that later became known as the bible.

The early Christian leaders wanted to virtually erase all true purpose of the Hebrew people. But the biggest mistake that the early Christians made was in translating Hebrew into Latin. An example of this is about Mary, Jesus’s mother. In the Hebrew version she is described as a young girl. But in a Latin speaking country, a “young girl” means “virgin”.

Another one is in Matthew 5:48 “You therefore must be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” That is the translation from Hebrew to Latin to old English and finally to the English version. But if you translate the original version from Hebrew to English you get “You must be as mature as your Heavenly Father is mature.”

Simple errors in translation throughout the bible have caused a lot of confusion throughout the 400 denominations of the 2,000 years of Christian history. But the biggest one that keeps science and religion from joining is the days of creation. In Genesis it states the seven days of creation. But the correct translation is really called the seven stages of creation.

Early Christians had a motive to promote themselves as a legitimate religion and not as a cult while at the same time make the Hebrews appear lesser important to Gods plan of salvation. They accomplished this by poor translation, omission of facts or simple denial and lies.

Science has done a great job at answering the questions of how we are here. But in doing so they sacrificed the religious view of it. Listening and reading what science has learned, you get the impression of an atheistic viewpoint.

Georges Lemaître was a Belgian priest who came up with the idea of an expanding universe as well as the Big Bang theory. But the scientific community including Albert Einstein refused to accept his ideas. Ideas that were later proven correct.

Science teachings have removed the soul. It removes the purpose of our life. To many scientists it is dumb luck that there is life on this planet by calculated odds that are impossible for us to recreate ourselves. Albert Einstein once said “science without religion is blind and religion without science is crippled"

Imagine getting a toy. The scientist will examine it. Telling you where it came from. How old it is. What it’s made of down to its DNA and atomic levels. A religious person will tell you why you were given it and how you should use it correctly.

In time I see both sides seeing eye to eye. When that happens mankind will surly expand their intelligence and lifestyle. Knowing our full purpose in life and the life all around us. Living with core values as we explore all the different worlds around us.


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