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Scientology Beliefs A Christians View And Experience

Updated on August 5, 2012


Scientology vs Christianity

  • HI!! Interesting subject. My name is Sandy. I am a Christian, I work and manage a dental practice. I was sent to a management training place in Florida by my boss. It was very expensive. It is run and owned by a Scientologist. At first I was scared to go, I thought I would get brain washed and I had read lots of negative press. I decided I was strong in my beliefs and still decided to go. When I was there we were taught about ethics and morals and also about personal integrity, I liked it. Some people dropped out, I had to go to Florida once a month for 1 week at a time for about a year.
  • I met some nice wonderful people and made the best of it. One of the workers there were recruiting people to learn more about Scientology. I noticed it was brought in on a gradient. They supported some really good causes but noticed many people were being recruited. I was curious and wanted to know more. So I decided to go visit their ORG, which they called their church. It looked like a church, when I walked inside there were all kinds of books and training rooms. The training rooms were for courses you could buy to help you with any type of problem you were having. I actually signed up for a communication course and I liked it very much.
  • After the communication course they introduced me to a free auditing. This is where you close your eyes and you recall a difficult moment in your life. You do this with an auditor who talks to you and asks you questions about your painful past experience. She asked me to go back and remember every detail, so I did that too. I thought this was good and felt good after. I went thru 12 hours of it. Two hour sessions at a time each day. I realized over time I was starting to think differently. I was getting caught up in it. My family noticed the change, especially my husband. I signed up for another auditing but this time it was different. I thought I experienced a past life and that was strange to me. I started to become confused about God and everything I believed. The Org told me you can be a Scientologist and a Christian. I still felt something was not right. I started to have some nightmares about it, which I have never had before. This was my own experience. I took some time away for a while, I wanted time to think about my life.
  • I started to go to my church again. I felt like Scientology taught good things but why did I have the feelings of betrayal. I did alot of praying and reading of the Bible. I learned just because something seems good doesn't mean it's Godly. I knew that was it. This is why I was feeling this way. I am not saying that Scientology is evil or bad it just was not Godly for me. It was interfering with my faith. When you give your heart to Christ there is no past. That is what the difference is. Scientology, I realized focuses alot on the past. We all have a past. This I realized is my own reality. Talking about the past can help anyone, we all have are own beliefs but for me as a Christian I had to put God first. I can learn good things, as long as it is Godly and follows my faith, which is in the Bible. I left the auditing behind and closed the door on it. I took what I learned from Scientology and used the things which were Godly and left the rest behind. I learned about personality and traits. I felt God sent me there for a reason. I don't go to the Org anymore I attend my Christian Church. This is my own personal experience that I wanted to share with others. It's not an article to bash any religion. I just realized that I could use the Godly things and apply it in my life and leave the Un-Godly behind. I had decided that Scientology goes against God. The auditing for me was Un-Godly. I Hope this article helps. Everyone has their own experience. This was mine.



What Is Christianity


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    • sandylongman profile image

      sandylongman 6 years ago

      Yes so true I agree keep the past in the past and trust God for the future!

    • A M Werner profile image

      Allen Werner 7 years ago from West Allis

      Good article. Christianity, I believe, is supposed to be a day by day experience. We should be leaving the past in the past, renewed as it were - for today, while not growing anxious about the future. To keep ourselves in the now and needful things of today, I feel, is the best way to stay on Christ's course. Peace

    • sandylongman profile image

      sandylongman 7 years ago

      Yes Scientologists are very nice and kind but you start believing in something different on a gradient. They focus on past lives and your soul (thetan)is the greek term they use. Before you know it you are in deeper than you think. I take what I have learned that follows the Bible. Past lives do not. It's like Pandora's Box ! Be carefull!!!!!

    • profile image

      Chancey 7 years ago

      I just started visiting a Scientology church with a friend. I've always been a Christian and love God and the bible with a passion.. But I do want to learn about what my friends believe and not be in the dark...

      But I have to say, so far Scientologists are SO much nicer than most Christians I know so far! "Christians" are usually so closed minded and pompous... they judge everyone but themselves and use scriptures to condemn. It makes me cringe, I can't stand going to church. I usually only study in small groups and try to find places to go where worship is their main priority.

      I know nothing could ever change my heart and my religion, but it's a nice experience so far. I do like broadening my horizons. And I believe Christ walks with me everywhere.

    • sandylongman profile image

      sandylongman 8 years ago

      Thanks it was an interesting experience that I surely learned from.

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Interesting experience, thanks for sharing. Glad you saw the light.

    • sandylongman profile image

      sandylongman 8 years ago

      Yes What I meant was just because something seems good does not mean it is Godly. Thanks for your post.

    • profile image

      Kim Kostuch 8 years ago


      Interesting post. Glad you are back in the Christian fold. One of your comments bothered me "you have to decide for yourself what is Godly". Be careful with that as we are sinful by nature and tend to make wrond decisions when left to our own divices. I would rather filter my world view through the pages of the Bible.

      Now, these past life things, If you are Christian, and beleive what is in the Bible, you know that we have no past lives. This sort of thing is warned about in the Bible as it is demonic. It is akin to necromancy and is a good way to attract some elements into your life that you will regert.

      The great Christian writer C.S. Lewis commented that there are some good things, and some truth in all relegions. Such is the case with Scientology, no doubt, but we have found the one true relegion. Again, thanks for your article and I wish you the best.