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Scorpio - Emotion and transformation

Updated on October 25, 2009

October 22 - November 23 The Sun enters Scorpio

Our mental image of Scorpio is not far from the fear and fascination we feel for scorpions; these creatures are beautiful and dangerous and we are instinctively aware of their power and afraid of their unexpected presence. When the Sun reaches the constellation of Scorpio this month, our fears and passions are likely to run high. We become aware of our own power and our potential for destruction -and self-destruction-.

The power of Scorpio lies in emotional intensity. Whether rage, passion or love it is the intensity of our feelings what has an effect in our choices and challenges, and eventually in the way we feel about ourselves and others. The month of Scorpio opens doors to examine our emotions in depth. This may not mean it will be a month full of fun, but great treasures can be found when we surrender and embrace who we are without masks.

Scorpio is a month for depth and transformation.  To accept who we are means examining the dark corners and hidden secrets we chose to keep in our psyche.  Only by bringing light and accepting our dark side we bring about the awareness that will transform the meaning of anything we do. The same intensity we can experience with negative emotions can be used for positive emotions and commitment towards greater causes.

The energy of Scorpio is associated with everything we experience passionately and that has the potential for greatness or chaos and destruction. The mystery surrounding Scorpio touches subjects that go from sex and passion to power and manipulation. In many cases these words end up having the same meaning perhaps due to the shallow assumption that we are error-free and entitled to control others to get what we want. While passion could represent the force and drive we need to achieve great goals, it can also be what prevent us from reaching a higher level of awareness. We can become attached to what does not belong to us and we can also fail to let go of that which is no longer valid or needed in our lives.

During this month, ask yourself (and answer honestly) these questions:

  1. What do I feel if I cannot control what happens around me?
  2. How do I react to others who seem better than me?
  3. Am I able to forgive? 
  4. Do I feel love or do I simply expect the other to love?
  5. How do my fears influence my actions?


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    • Adriana Uribe profile image

      Adriana Uribe 7 years ago from Scotland

      Thank you for your comment. Please visit my new hub:

      New astrology sign or not, astrology works when you know how to use it.

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Adriana, you are considerably more informed than I am about the signs. I do agree with your accessment of the Scorpio.