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Scorpio Info and Experience With One.

Updated on November 12, 2010

Nature of a Scorpio

If you want to know who is a Scorpion, look into Her/His eyes. Wells of depths so deep that you feel stripped naked when in one's presence. I say Naked because they know how to bore deep into you as if seeing into your soul. You will notice that a Scorpio can be talkative but if you listen closely She never talks about herself or her feelings (She's very privet when it comes to her emotions ) She has emotional memory and will NEVER forget an attack. Her emotional level will stay with her for life (if emotionally wounded she may just turn herself off emotionally and be celibate)... so try to be careful not to scorn one.

She is suspicious and cautious of new people.. even if you've known her all your life she will never fully trust you...(sorry its how she is) her ability to read people is advanced and natural, she lives life by her emotions and you will see that the moon has a strong affect on her. You can never lie to a Scorpio, like I said she sees into your soul or makes you think she can. Her magnetism is felt before she even enters a room and heaven help you if that energy if focused on you. She can freeze you with her stare, manipulate you with her body, mysterious with her words and elusive to your touch.. she will never be tamed or trapped but never worry about infidelity, once committed (she must see her partner as an equal and she must respect him or you wont make it with her) she will move heaven and hell for you, protect you and defend you even if you don't want her too, but you can't stop her once her Scorpio temper is unleashed. She doesn't yell nor does she get dramatizing and temper tantrum like ... no... what she does is MUCH scarier than anything you have ever seen(remember the energy you feel when she enters the room?) first you will feel her rage, then her eyes hold you unnervingly in place and you feel like a mouse trapped. She moves towards you in silence all the while holding you with her intense eyes (imagine a black cat hunting a bird)..... then.... she speaks her words clear, focused and sharp. She goes to the soul (not the heart) and unleashes hell. Shes one you never want as an enemy. So when you meet a girl/guy of your dreams whose fun,mysterious,passionate,sexy and emotional ask her/his sign.

Scorpio is a water sign associated with the moon. Now the Sun sign is what is your "outer" persona or how you present yourself to the world, were as the moon is.... yup your inner self the side you hide from the world. So for example if you have the Scorpio in both your Sun sign AND your Moon sign then it means your sign is amplified(double double Scorpio) so lets look at the difference between the Sun Scorpio and the Moon Scorpio.

Sun Scorpio is imaginative with strong powers of reasoning, intense, skeptical and secretive (their emotions are always under control shakily but still under control). There adept at using their intuition and have a good handle on critical and analytical skills.They may seem aloof and withdrawn when in truth you will never get anything by them, there attention to detail is sharp to the point of obsessive. Excellent memories they never forget a detail so don't be surprised when in an argument random things you forgotten is thrown in your face. Yeah they lash out for the gonads, when hurt cause the way they see it is "you hurt me?" then " I will make you FEEL how you made me feel." That's their way of attack... no other sign in the Zodiac can make you FEEL what they feel (that's the part were I said she can make you feel her energy) They are loving and loyal to their partners, They're passionate and revel in a relationship that gives back. They can loose themselves in the pleasure taking you to new height of awareness. Many Sun sign Scorpio relationships are stormy but exciting and moderation is hard for a Sun Scorpio to maintain.

Moon in Scorpio produces emotional responses that are intense, secretive and passionate ( you must try to keep deep feelings under control as you are very... very emotional) you have an amazing memory. which good but also a curse ( I will explain) when someone gets emotionally hurt some can bury it and go on till therapy interferes. In a Scorpio this is there version of hell .. why? even if time has passed they will NEVER forget , whatever has harmed them is scarred forever in their psyche, from remembering vividly (that's also a moon/sun trait .. visualization) too vividly with past events that perhaps should be forgotten.

The nature of Scorpio isn't immediately apparent and you'll never truly know about what's going on inside her. She can Judge people quickly, also her ability to almost "take on " emotions of others ( when shes very close to the ones she loves) is like as if its HER pain and takes it personal. You are able to hold a grudge for a loooooong time, smile in the face of your enemies leaving them terrified as to your motive and last but not least your a natural born psychic..... YES psychic because your intuition is so in tune with your heart and soul. So all of you other signs out there tread with caution when dating this sign LOL I know this because I'm a Scorpio (in the Sun, Moon and Mercury)... 


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    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 5 years ago from India

      Quite an old hub, but still a good read :) I am a Scorpio guy myself. And having dated a Scorpio girl, no doubt that it is like looking myself in the mirror on many terms. Can't love myself too much, neither can I hate myself :)

    • profile image

      Mystique scorpio 6 years ago

      Thank you :)

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      Nice HuB! i enjoyed reading it.