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Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman

Updated on March 2, 2011

The astrological love match between a Scorpio man and Capricorn woman isn't going to be an easy one to pull off. Emotionally speaking, they are such polar opposites that each partner's tendencies and habits could really tick the other off. On the other hand, if anyone could really succeed in coaxing a Capricorn woman's out into the open, it's a Scorpio man and his ability to see through people's actions and know what it is they really want deep down inside. But that doesn't mean he'll have the patience to do this day in and day out. Nor does it mean Capricorn woman would necessarily enjoy having him try, and this is why I say it's unlikely to be an easy thing to pull off. To learn more about the love compatibility between a Scorpio male and Capricorn female, see below!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man will be one of the few men out there who can spot the tender soul of a Capricorn woman, which she's buried deep down inside and refuses to show anyone until she's absolutely sure of success. It's not that she's frigid in the way many perceive her to be, she's just very guarded. And she's focused on other aspects of her life that she feels must be in perfect working order before she jumps into the deep end of a romance. If Scorpio man views this as a challenge, and he probably will (in the beginning, at least) he will go above and beyond, laying the charm on thick until Capricorn woman begins to swoon in the same manner the rest of us women do when a Scorpio man is determined to win us over. But if he starts to think she's a lost cause -- someone who truly doesn't want to experience the full heights of love and romance that are possible to achieve with him -- then he may just get annoyed and give up. So if Capricorn woman wants to keep her Scorpio man around, she will need to work on allowing herself to be loved and work less on protecting herself, because a Scorpio man in love has only the best intentions and if she gives him a chance, she will eventually see this for herself.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman is hard working, determined and she tends to be highly successful. Many will view her as a workaholic who doesn't think too much about affairs of the heart, but what they don't realize is that once she falls in love with someone, she is loyal as anything, and makes a very good partner. She will be a wife and mother, and she'll be a solid partner in all things. She will not expect too much of her man, and she will do her best to pull her own weight around the home in terms of finances. This may bother the Scorpio man a bit if he's the old-fashioned sort, but he will need to overcome that issue, because one really can't expect a Capricorn woman to give her career up to play June Cleaver round the house. That's not to say she won't do it -- some Capricorn women may even warm to the idea over time -- but once she's set a goal for herself and her family, it's best to let her achieve that goal before asking her to change mid-stride. Something she will absolutely need to change, if she's set on keeping her Scorpio man, that is, is suppressing all of her passions and emotions. It's perfectly ok to have them, and she needn't be afraid to show them with a Scorpio man, as he will greatly appreciate it if she does. And if she doesn't, he will take it very personally and quite possibly convince himself that she doesn't love him.


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