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Scorpio Sun Leo Moon Combinations

Updated on September 19, 2012

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Magnetism.

Her dark side: Attracted to the forbidden.

The female of this combination uses her sexuality in the most constructive ways. There have been some top models and beauty contestants in this Sun-Moon position. They project both sexuality and drama. They also frequently make jokes about how they reached the top with their sex appeal. They know what they've got and how to use it, but not in the casting couch fashion. They project this incredible aura of majestic voluptuousness. It's a big sentence and I really wouldn't use it on anyone else, but she deserves it. She's ambitious and can stand on her own two feet. Yet she can turn around and be a loving and devoted mother and wife. It just takes an exceptional man to domesticate her as it's not her natural instinct. She's daring and she can travel to the exotic, study for the bar, design jewelry, become a police woman or coroner. She's her own breed of cat--the lioness. She's often self destructive on the emotional side of her life. Passionate, her love affairs are often tainted by some undercurrent of the forbidden, sordid, or discredited. She will, however, rise again from the pit she has plunged herself into. And while domestic harmony will never be what she gets, her own brand of marriage or partnership will be stable and often very lasing. There will be nothing dull or ordinary about her life--it'll take many a twist and turn. She'll undoubtedly endure all this to her credit, and end up with some financial security which she'll have earned for herself. To survive life with this one, you'd best not have too many plans about wearing the pants in your family. Look for a Scorpio, a Capricorn who wants to be bossed (there are a few,) or a Sagittarius who doesn't get all wrapped up in emotional scenes."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Commanding.

His dark side: Fixed emotions.

This man has excessive pride and lust...a volatile temper, a white hot intensity. He is deep and intricate. This configuration rules both houses of sex in a chart, and he is therefore obsessed with sexual matters. A combination of fixed signs, he is rigid in his morality, and in yours. He will be measuring you against a set of standards that you may not even be aware of. And if you fall short, he will be quite angry with you. He places unnecessarily high expectations and standards on other people (his own may be more flexible.) This means the wife and children are also subject to his measures. He can handle life and death matters easily, and is in fact fascinated with both. This may account for his fields of work, as he is inclined towards medicine, research, investigation, math and science. His career goals are often interrupted by his affairs of the heart. He does have problems keeping his feat on the ground with his excessive romantic life. His fascination with women is that of a detective trying to solve a crime. He wants to know everything about the woman in question. Once the mystery is pretty well solved, he is ready for another mystery. A beautiful one. This man looks for beauty in women first. He must find her unusually attractive and mysterious. He also likes a clinging vine. A hard bill to fill, but fill it he will. Once he finds the object of his affection he usually wines and dines her, takes her to the theater, museums, art fairs and the like. He is also a good gift giver. He will be generous and often lavishes with gifts. He often slips into moods of infancy, wanting to be babied and catered too. If it means making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at 4 am, you will be expected to do it. It may be a test. His grading is simple--pass or fail. A Leo, of course, understands him. An Aries matches his fires; A Pisces can dream with him."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


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    • Ellieface profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thanks! I appreciate it :)

    • William Young profile image

      William Young 

      7 years ago from Eaglle Grove, Iowa

      Very interesting information as always! Great Hub!


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