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Scrying Glasses and Crystal Balls

Updated on July 7, 2014
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Raye gardens organically, harvests rainwater, strives to eat locally, and honors the gods from her home in the Pacific Northwest.

Gaze into the Crystal Ball

Scrying is similar to other meditative divination techniques in that the reflective surface becomes the focus object. In the dim light, the flickering reflections can reveal images or messages to the gazer.

The objects called crystal balls can come in actual quartz crystal or glass. Made of genuine crystal, they are intense power objects. Quality can vary from extreme clarity to murky cloudiness. In real quartz, precise clarity can be prohibitively expensive, and often a few inclusions give a ball character and depth. With a glass ball, clarity again is paramount and balls should be thoroughly inspected for bubbles and cracks. Some balls have a slight cut on one side to make a flat base while others are intact as round and will roll away when put down on a flat surface. A ringed base or pedestal with a circular depression or hole will hold perfect spheres securely.

My Own Crystal Ball

I was given a leaded glass ball by a relative.  It came to her from a woman who really used it for divination.  The bottom is cut so it sits by itself.
I was given a leaded glass ball by a relative. It came to her from a woman who really used it for divination. The bottom is cut so it sits by itself. | Source

Mirrors and Bowls

Scrying mirrors are often polished black surfaces that reflect images almost as clearly as a silvered mirror. They can be the size of a hand mirror, or be a large wall or tabletop piece. Some have decorative borders of ivy, celtic designs or large pentacles etched into them, while others are plain. A high gloss surface is what is most desired, with an area clear for gazing. For mirrors, flaws and marks usually unwanted.

Silver bowls are also used for scrying, and are usually filled with water. A great example of this technique can be seen in the first installment of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, “The Fellowship of the Ring.” While the Fellowship shelters in Lothlorien after escaping from Moria, Frodo wakes up in the night and follows the Lady Galadriel to a sheltered grove. There, in the middle of a raised pedestal, is her gazing bowl. It is a bright silver, presumably the rare Elvish silver mithril, and she fills with it with water from a nearby spring, inviting Frodo to glimpse the future by looking into the waters.

Telling Glass From Crystal - What To Look For

See those thin lines inside the ball that showed up from the camera flash?  That's one key sign a crystal ball is glass and not quartz.  Another sign is tiny bubbles.
See those thin lines inside the ball that showed up from the camera flash? That's one key sign a crystal ball is glass and not quartz. Another sign is tiny bubbles. | Source

How To Scry or Gaze

The classic method for crystal ball gazing involves looking into the ball while it sits on a dark cloth with a single light source either behind or below it. Some methodologies say the light source must be flickering. A lit base is a good option but if you have a larger-size genuine crystal ball make sure your base is sturdy enough to support the heavy weight. Short candles work well as a low light source for behind the crystal. You will want to try to line up the candle so you see the reflection in the gazing surface, but not too much glare.

For whatever tool you choose, a dimly lit, quiet space is best. You may cast a circle and have a focusing ritual if you wish. Or you may gaze in a manner more like a meditation. Sit in a manner which is comfortable with your scrying tool in front of you. Gaze as long as is intuitively necessary. If you become distracted, let your mind wander and then still again. Images or symbols may appear in the flickering patterns on the reflective surface. If you suffer from epilepsy, do not use a flickering light as that can trigger seizures. Scrying can be done with a steady light source.

Some people like to keep a voice-activated tape recorder nearby and just talk aloud about what they see when they gaze. Others wait until the gazing period is over and then make written notes on what they noticed or experienced. If you are trying to make any predictions or develop your faculty for "seeing" keeping notes is essential so that you can go back and see what came true later or not.

About Scrying

Cautions and Care

If you do acquire a crystal ball (glass or quartz) there are a few things of which you need to be careful.

  • Keep the ball covered when not using it.  Although many people recommend covering your crystal ball as a way of shielding it from energy, what you really in fact are shielding it from is light.  Crystal balls act as magnifiers in the presence of strong, direct light, such as bright lights and especially sunlight.  If sunlight falls on a crystal ball, the light gets concentrated and has the ability to set paper, fabrics and other flammables on fire.
  • Beware of where you keep it.  This relates to the light issue just discussed but it also pertains to drops or falls.  You don't want your crystal ball to break, nor do you want anyone injured by it should something like an earthquake happen.  Keeping your crystal ball on a lower shelf or short table is better than putting it up at adult shoulder level.

Scrying Comments and Questions

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    • relache profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Tony, those small bubbles are the verification that your crystal ball is leaded glass. They can be energetically quite strong, and are definite optical hazards in the house if sunlight can fall on them. (they can burn things accidentally by focusing the light)

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I have recently purchased a crystal ball that is old. It came in a box that stated it was made to the specifications of the Metaphysical Research Group in England, it also had instructions on how to use it. It is very heavy and perfectly spherical. It says that it is a genuine crystal ball on the box, but does have a few tiny bubbles in, apart from them it is flawless. I am guessing it is lead crystal, but I am no expert.

    • Cow Flipper profile image

      Sean Jankowski 

      5 years ago from Southern Oregon

      I'd venture to say that quartz gives you a more unrefined medium to scry with. The point meaning imperfections allow the user's mind to explore and delve deeper into the trance state. This does not mean a clear glass ball will have no effect, I have used both. The ability is within you. I used a technique where a placed a crystal behind the ball to achieve the same effect.

    • relache profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Susan, I've not used all those types of crystal balls, so I can't say personally. Some people say there is no difference and some say there is a difference.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Can you tell me please, what is the quality of scrying in using glass balls vs quartz crystal balls, or quartz crystal balls with leaded glass?


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