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Secret of conquering spiritual battles revealed through a spoken word

Updated on August 15, 2012

In as much as you find solution to physical problems, you also need to find solution to spiritual problems. Now, the question is, how do you go about your spiritual needs: as for me, I use the Word of God effectively to meet my spiritual needs. How much you know the Word of God determines how far you can go to overcome every given spiritual problem.

Every given problem has a WORD for it and that is why, you need to know the right WORD to use when facing a spiritual challenge. I have compiled lists of bible verses that you need to conquer every given problem you might face and all you need to do is to study them and decree concerning that situation. Please, apply this in your daily life and you will be amazed how effective it is and you will know the efficacy of power in SPOKEN WORD OF GOD. Enjoy it.

1. When you are afflicted, READ JOB 5:17, 2ND CORTH 4:17,PSALM 103:3-5, and PSALM 107:13-17

2.When you are sick or suffering in pains, READ HOS.6.1, DEUT.7.15, JAMES 5:5, 2ND CORTH.12:10, EX.15:26, PS.41:4, JER.30:17, 1ST PET.4:12-13, ISAIAH 53:5 and IST PET.2:24

3. When you want to be holy. READ LEV.20:7-8, ROM.12:1-2, ACTS 24:16,HEB.12:14,1st CORRITH.3:16-17, 2nd TIM.2:4,1ST PET.1:14-17.

4. When you are lonely. READ JOHN 14:15-31A

5. When you are frustrated. READ MATHEW 7:13-14

6. When you are discouraged. READ ROMANS 15:13, 2nd CORRITH.4:16-18,PHILIPPIANS 4:10-13,COLOSSIANS 1:9-14,HEB.6:9-12.

7.When you are Insecure, Lacking Confidence. READ PHILIPPIANS 4:10-20, 1st JOHN 3:19-24

8.When you are Overwhelmed, Experiencing Stress. READ MATHEW 11:25-30,JOHN 4:1-30, 2nd CORRITH.6:3-10, REVELATION 22:27

9. When you are Rejected. READ MATHEW 9:9-13,LUKE 4:16-30,JOHN 15:8-16,EPHESIANS 1:3-14, 1st PETER 2:2-10

10.When you are Tempted. READ LUKE 4:1-13,HEB.2:11-18,JAMES 1:12-18

11.When you want God’s Help. READ MATHEW 7:7-12, LUKE 18:1-6, HEBREW 13;6,PSALM 27 , ,PSALM 64 , ,PSALM 124

12. When you can not Sleep. READ PSALM 23, ,PSALM 24:1-10, PSALM 34:7, PSALM 41:1-2, PSALM 91:4,MATHEW 18:18, 2nd CHRONICLES 16:9,ZECH.2:5, PSALM 125:1-2

13. When you want spiritual gifts. READ ROMANS 12:6-8, 1st CORRIITH.12-17,EPHESIANS 4:11

14. When you want to know the secret of God’s Riches. READ DEUT.28:1-14, JOSHUA 1:8, MATHEW 6:33 ,PHILIPPIANS 4:19,ECCLASTIATES 11:1

15.When you want spiritual Power. READ ACTS 4:33,2nd TIMOTHY 1:7,ACTS 6:8, ZACH.4:6,MICAH 3:8,ACTS 1:6-8,1st THESS 1:5

16: When you want to grow Spiritually. READ EPHESIANS 4:15, 1st THESS 3:11-12, 1st PETER 2:1-2

17. When you want spiritual strength in time of weakness. READ ISAIAH 40:31, ISAIAH 41:10 and EPHESIANS 3:16

18. When you want Divine Deliverance. READ DANIEL 6:16-22, DANIEL 3:16-30, JOB 5:19, 2nd TIMOTHY 4:18, 1st SAMUEL 17:37-51,JONAH 1:14-17,ACTS 5;18-25, ACTS 12:4-11,ACTS 16:25-31,ACTS 27:42-44.

19. When you think all hope is Lost. READ MATHEW 11:28,JOSHUA 1:9,PSALM 39:7

20. When you want Wisdom from God. READ PROVERBS 16:16,JAMES 1:5,PROVERBS 4:7,LUKE 7:51-52,JAMES 3:17,PROVERBS 19:8

21. When you want Divine Guidance. READ PSALM 25:9, PSALM 48:14 ,ISAIAH 42:16

22. When you want joy. READ HEBREW 8:10, PSALM 16:11,JOHN 16:24,and LUKE 15:10

23. When you are Angry. READ PSALM 37:8,PROVERB 16:32-33,PROVERB 22:24-25,JAMES 1:19-21

24. When your friends failed/betrayed you. READ PSALM 41:9-13,LUKE 17:3-4,ROMANCE 12:14-21, 2nd TIMOTHY 4:16-18

25. When you are in Sorrow. READ JOHN 14, MATHEW 5:4,2nd CORRITH 13:4, 1st THESS 4:13-18

26. When you want to be prayerful .READ PSALM 4, PSALM 42, LUKE 11:1-3,JOHN 17, and 1st JOHN 5:14-15

27. When you want Guidance in time of Decisions. READ PSALM 32,JAMES 1:5-6,HEBREW 4:16.

28. When it seems that God is far away from you. READ PSALM 25, PSALM 135, PSALM 138

29, When you want Contentment. READ PROVERBS 15:16, HEBREW 13:5 ,1st TIMOTHY 6:6-8

30. When you want to have faith. READ ROMANCE 10:7, EPHESIANS 2:8,GALASIANS 5:6,HEBREW 11:6,HEBREW 1:1-END

31. When you want God’s mercy. READ LUKE 6:36,MATHEW 5:7 ,PROVERBS 3:3

32. When you want to be Humble. READ LUKE 22:25, ROMANS 12:3

33. When you want to be Obedient. READ JOSHUA 11:15,EPHESIANS 6:5,2nd KING 18:6,ACTS 26:19,2nd CORRITH 2:9,PHILIPIANS 2:8,TITUS 2:9

34. When difficulties are increasing. READ 2nd TIMOTHY 3,HEBREW 13, PSALM 23

35. When you are in danger. READ PSALM 91, PSALM 127

36. When are depressed. READ PSALM 23, PSALM 24, PSALM 127

37. When you are Afraid. READ REVELATIONS 21:8, ISAIAH 35:4, MARK 4:40

38.When you are under spiritual Attack. READ ISAIAH 54:11-18, PSALM 27, PSALM 29,EPHESIAN 6:11-12

39 .When you want to live a Victorious Life. READ ROMANS 8:1-8,1st JOHN 2:1-5,HEBREW 12:15-11,JOHN 15:4-6

40. When you want to be a Leader. READ 1st TIMOTHY 3:1-7 2nd TIMOTHY 2:14-26,TITUS 1:5-9

41.When you want to know about Hell. READ MATHEW 13:14, MATHEW 25:41, REVELATION 20:14-15,REVELATION 21:8

42. When you want God to Fight for you. READ EXODUS 14:13-22,2nd SAMUEL 5:24-25,EXODUS 15:3,DEUTRONOMY 1:29-30, DEUTRONOMY 3:21-22, 2nd CHRONICLES 20:29, PSALM 24:8,ZECH.14:3

43. When you want Healing. READ MARK 1:29-34,MARK 6:53-56,JAMES 5:14-16

44. When you are bereaved and you need consolation. READ JOHN 11:25,JOHN 14:1-7,ROMANS 8:31-39,ROMANS 14:7-9,1st THESS 4:13-18

45.When you want to control your tongue. READ 2nd THESS.2:16-17, JAMES 3:1-12

46. When you are encountering peer pressure. READ ROMANS 12:1-2,GALATIANS 6:1-5,EPHESIANS 5:1-20

47. When you are facing a Divorcé. READ MATHEW 19:1-9, PHILIPPIANS 3:1-11

48. When you are facing Homelessness. READ LUKE 9:57-62, REVELATION 21:1-4

49.When you are facing Life alone. READ 1ST CORRITH.7:25-38, 1ST CORRITH.12:1-31

50. When you a facing a natural disaster. READ ROMANS 8:31, 1ST PETER 1:3-12

51.When you want to overcome Pride. READ MARK 9:33-37,LUKE 14:7-11,LUKE 18:9-14,ROMANS 12:14-16,1ST CORRITH.12:1-10

52. When you want to Overcome Procrastination. READ MATHEW 22:1-14, MATHEW 25:1-13, 2ND CORRITH.6:1-2

53. When you want genuine Salvation. READ 2ND PETER 3:9, 2ND CORRITH. 7:10,MARK 1:15,LUKE 13:3,ROMANS 2:4-5,ACTS 2:38-39,ACTS 3:19,ACTS 17:31

Please,try to conclude your prayer and fasting with thanksgiving;for Psalm 100 says '' “Shout with joy to the LORD, O earth! Worship the LORD with gladness. Come before Him, singing with joy. Acknowledge that the LORD is good! He made us, and we are His. We are His people, the sheep of His pasture. Enter His gates with thanksgiving; go into His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and bless His name. For the LORD is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and His faithfulness continues to each generation.”

Remained blessed.


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    • 123chri123 profile image

      123chri123 2 years ago

      Visit my blog for more useful tips:

    • 123chri123 profile image

      123chri123 2 years ago

      Visit my blog for more useful tips:

    • 123chri123 profile image

      123chri123 2 years ago

      Visit my blog for more useful tips:

    • 123chri123 profile image

      123chri123 2 years ago

      Visit my blog for more useful tips:

    • profile image

      ronald simbaya 5 years ago

      These hints have helped me a lot to find hope in him.

    • RevLady profile image

      RevLady 7 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      Thank you for sharing a great list of Biblical helps. Voted up!

      Forever His

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Voted up

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      To me "Service to others with Self confidence and self respect is the best secret to satisfy the almighty".