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The Weird and Haunted Sedona, AZ: A Hotspot of Ghost and Alien Activity

Updated on January 19, 2015
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty has had paranormal experiences her entire life. These experiences have fueled her passion to write about all things supernatural.

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ has powerful vibes emanating from it.
Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ has powerful vibes emanating from it. | Source
One of the many gorgeous red sandstone formations in Sedona, AZ.
One of the many gorgeous red sandstone formations in Sedona, AZ. | Source

Sedona: The City of Redrocks

There's something about the air in Sedona, Arizona that pulses through your lungs and veins and makes you feel alive unlike anywhere else in the United States. It's not a very large city with the population being under 15,000 people. There's no skyscrapers or man-made attractions like in other large cities in the Southwest U.S. But this is a city that doesn't need anything manmade. Sedona's unique, natural landscape is enough to annually draw in thousands of tourists from all over the world. The landscape is interesting as it seems to be desert, but in particular parts becomes heavily wooded with plant and animal life.

You might be wondering, what's so special about Sedona, Arizona? Sedona sits between two counties in Northern Arizona - the Coconino and Yavapai counties, and it is most well known for its majestic red rock formations (as seen in the picture above). These rock formations are not only beautiful, they are said by some to be generators of the earth's energy...perhaps attracting more than just tourists every year...perhaps attracting paranormal and otherworldly activity...

Bell Rock is said to be home to one of the strongest energy vortexes in Sedona.
Bell Rock is said to be home to one of the strongest energy vortexes in Sedona. | Source
It's very easy to balance rocks at Red Rock Crossing...something about the equilibrium here..
It's very easy to balance rocks at Red Rock Crossing...something about the equilibrium here.. | Source

The "Spiritual Vortexes" of Sedona

A large new age and spiritual community has made Sedona, Arizona their home within the past few decades. This is because people claim there are strong energy "vortexes" (not vortices) located in the four corners of Sedona. These vortexes are areas of energy that rise up from the earth's surface, supposedly spiritually and physically affecting any spiritually sensitive person who travels within the vicinity.

The four largest vortexes in Sedona, Arizona can be found at the following spots: Bell Rock, Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock, close to the Airport, and Boynton Canyon. Now, I am no expert on energy vortexes but I believe that Oak Creek Canyon must also have some sort of vortex as the energy and air there is inexplicably clean and refreshing to one's soul.

So what happens to people if they visit these vortexes? The new age community in Sedona claims that one can be healed spiritually and even physically from these vortexes. They say the energy felt there is enough to leave a lasting impression on someone for days thereafter. Some even say that these vortexes are connected with life from other planets...that these vortexes attract beings from another dimension...

With a rich history of farming and the natives that came before the farmers, it's no wonder Sedona is haunted.
With a rich history of farming and the natives that came before the farmers, it's no wonder Sedona is haunted. | Source

Aliens in Sedona?

Dating back to the 1940s, dozens of people have claimed to have seen alien activity in Sedona, Arizona. The first case occurred in 1947 when a man was driving late at night and happened to witness a "glowing ball of light" which he told authorities carried alien visitors who were "watching our activity" here on earth. He said they were worried for our safety because at the time we held onto an atom bomb...he claimed the aliens wanted us to live in peace with one another. How he got all of this from the sighting of a glowing orb, no one is sure.

Others say they have "meetings" with people from another planet known as their "Space Brothers". These people who have been chosen to come in contact with the otherworldly beings are called "contactees". These extraterrestrial people are said to visit us in hopes of inspiring us to evolve spiritually and to bring about a change in the world's condition as a whole. Basically, their message is no more war.

Dozens of eyewitnesses have snapped photos of unidentified flying objects in the skies above Sedona, as recently as 2014. One man took a picture of a helicopter in the sky and noticed later one when the photos developed that there were an additional two flying objects in the picture. They appeared to be the typical shape of a flying saucer.

In 2012, a lawyer claimed he was going to "jump into the vortex" at Bell Rock. He told people that he believed the vortex was going to open up on the Winter Solstice (December 21st) at exactly 11:11 pm. Why did he want to do this? He said he was going to die soon anyway and that he'd like to try to jump into the next dimension or onto a "magical Martian bubble". Did he do it? Sources claim he never actually showed up to the event. So perhaps we'll never truly know if the vortex at Bell Rock opened up, or if it actually exists in that magnitude.

If you visit Sedona, Arizona and want to learn more about the UFOs or alien activity, many places offer UFO tours! Make sure to pack a camera...and your spacesuit.

Feeling the vibes in Sedona near Cathedral Rock.
Feeling the vibes in Sedona near Cathedral Rock. | Source

The Haunted Relics Restaurant and Other Ghosts

The Relics Restaurant located in Sedona, Arizona is Sedona's oldest operating restaurant dating back almost seventy years. The foundation itself is even older, dating back to the 1800s and was a stagecoach stop and a Military Recruiting Center during WWI. The restaurant staff and visitors claim that there are "ghostly inhabitants", as there have been numerous sightings of misty specters as well as pictures of floating orbs taken within the restaurant's old walls. If you visit the Relics Restaurant, there is even a table set for their ghostly friends! Is it the spirits of cowboys and natives from its stagecoach days that haunt the restaurant or perhaps the spirits of WWI soldiers?

The Sedona land is brimming with history and therefore must have a build-up of residual energy from times passed. Dating back to archaic times, various native tribes have made the land their home including a tribe only known as the Paleo-Indians, the Sinagua, the Yavapai and later the Apache. Many battles between tribes as well as between the tribes and the white man have ensued on this land. For instance, when the Apache and Yavapai natives were forced to move off the land in the late 1800s, several hundred natives lost their lives in the blistery cold of winter. Perhaps their souls still wander the paths looking for their home in Sedona...

The house of Ann Miller is known to be the most famous haunting in Sedona. Apparently the Hollywood dancer moved into this house only to have run-ins with a seemingly angry spirit of a Native American warrior. The story went that her house was built on a sacred Hopi site, and that the spirit of the warrior was actually a guardian spirit of that land. After having the home exorcised, the warrior spirit seemed to go away and not come back.

In addition to haunted houses, there is more than one haunted hotel in and near Sedona, including a hotel that was once a hospital. Guests at the hotel claim they see ghosts that look like patients roaming the halls and grounds. And just outside of Sedona is an entire haunted ghost town known as Jerome.

With so much history and so much beauty, it is no wonder there are a few ghosts attached to the land and landmarks in Sedona, Arizona. If there are vortexes in Sedona as some so strongly believe, maybe it is these vortexes that somehow allow for spirits and otherworldly beings to come through from the other side. One thing is for sure, the veil is very thin between the mundane and the spiritual in Sedona.

The air in and near Sedona is truly magical...maybe this is why Bigfoot is attracted to the area?
The air in and near Sedona is truly magical...maybe this is why Bigfoot is attracted to the area? | Source

Other Creatures in Sedona

We've covered some of Sedona's most infamously strange and haunted locations, but have we covered it all? Surely after learning of all the alien and ghostly activity in Sedona, Arizona there can't be any more paranormal occurrences, right?

Wrong! Guess who else is known to have been seen right in the wild of Sedona? Bigfoot himself! Dating back to at least the 1980s, sightings of large "nine-foot-tall hairy men" have been documented by dozens of eyewitnesses. Photographs have been taken recently that show old sasquatch himself hiding amongst the hills of Sedona...looking the same as he might in the Northwest United States. One eyewitness stated that she saw two of these beasts together at one time. Could it be possible that these creatures are actually guardians of the land, as some natives believe?

So if you take a trip to Sedona in order to encounter the strange or mysterious, put a Bigfoot tour on your list!

Does Bigfoot hide in these red hills?
Does Bigfoot hide in these red hills? | Source

© 2015 Kitty Fields


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  • DREAM ON profile image


    5 months ago

    Sedona takes your breath away. The colors and natural beauty. What a beautiful part of the world. The unexplained is so interesting and keeps me wanting to hear and see more. Thank you for sharing. Have a fantastic day.

  • wildbluefrontier profile image

    Nathan M 

    2 years ago from Tucson

    I live in southern Arizona, but I have yet to make a trip to Sedona. I definitely need to make my way up there (as well as Jerome). Interesting that there are so many sightings of Bigfoot in Arizona. you wouldn't think their would be enough places for them to hide.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    3 years ago from Summerland

    mactavers - Thanks for reading the article. What you believe is your reality.

  • mactavers profile image


    3 years ago

    I've lived in Sedona part time for 8 years and full time for 15 years and I love living in an area of such peaceful and beautiful beauty. I've never experienced anything unusual about the areas some call vortexes, I've never heard whales singing in Bell Rock, and to my knowledge there isn't a space ship inside it. I've done history interviews with 4 of Sedona's early pioneer families and none of them have experienced the paranormal or seen Big Foot. What most of us who live here do experience is a blue sky, friendly people and the beauty of the red rocks dotted with green juniper pines.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    3 years ago from Summerland

    MystyMoonlight - I agree. There is something very special about Northern Arizona. Such a beautiful place.

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    I had the pleasure of growing up in Northern AZ and there really is something about it. Every time I return whether it be hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, visiting family in Flagstaff, or checking out Sedona's rock formations I feel a strong draw. Not just because I will always consider it home, but bc the history of the location and the stories the landscape will tell you if you open up to it are amazing and life changing.

  • Kristen Howe profile image

    Kristen Howe 

    3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

    This was pretty interesting to read about. I've been to Sedona a decade ago on a trip to Arizona with my family. I loved Sedona. I didn't know it was weird and haunted. Voted up!

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    3 years ago from Summerland

    Genna - Next time you go, you have to go to Northern Arizona. I've also been Tucson more than area but I prefer Northern Arizona over Southern. I'm more of a fan of mountains than desert. :)

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    3 years ago from Summerland

    AliciaC - It is indeed!

  • AliciaC profile image

    Linda Crampton 

    3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    This sounds like a wonderful place to visit, not only because of the beautiful scenery but also because of the possible paranormal activity. I'd love to visit the area myself! Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Genna East profile image

    Genna East 

    3 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

    I have long thought that Arizona is beautiful, but haven’t traveled in that state as far north as Sedona. (We stayed near Tucson.) Your photos are quite stunning. What a fascinating story about the Spiritual Vortexes and sightings. Next time we visit Tucson, we will definitely make the drive north.

  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker 

    3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

    Very fun and interesting article. I grew up in Oak Creek part time and regardless of reasons there is something in the air that I notice even more profoundly on return visits. Casner canyon Oak Creek canyon confluence is where I most noticed strange stuff.

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    I love mysteries, and there appears to plenty here. Not enough that there are U.F.O's and ghosts, but Bigfoot as well!...The landscape also looks incredible. Thank you for this wonderful article, it was an interesting and enjoyable read:-))

  • Dreamhowl profile image

    Jessica Marello 

    3 years ago from United States

    It sounds like I need to visit Sedona, Arizona! My family has gone to Arizona a couple of times (myself excluded), but I cannot recall which areas they visited. It is really unique that they offer UFO tours, and amazing that they have such a history of both UFO and ghost sightings (and Bigfoot!). The pictures you included were stunning. Voted up - thanks for sharing such lovely information!

  • Austinstar profile image


    3 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    We have friends from Massachusetts that moved to Sedona 20 years ago and they are still there. I would love to go visit them and see Sedona for myself.

    Another place I've heard so much about is Santa Fe, NM. Both of these places are on my bucket list.


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