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Seeing Abundance In Everything

Updated on January 24, 2012

See the Riches You Already Have!

Earnest Holmes wrote a book entitled the Science of Mind. In it, he describes conditions and qualities of Abundant Living. The book itself is a scientific look at metaphysical properties of existence. I have found peace and thoughtful considerations as I read through this work. I will admit that I have to study the book over and over, because each time I read it, I receive new insights.

How does this have anything to do with seeing abundance daily?

When I get crazy, which for me is that feeling of black/dreadful butterflies in the top of my gut, I try to let go and look around my world. I inevitably see colors and flowers. I see kids and grandmas and grandpas. I force myself to enjoy the diesel fuel smell from big rigs. You know, the sweet smell.

What’s so wrong with sitting in the yard and drinking an extra cup of coffee? With telling the kids, “Wait, I need 60 seconds”. How about noticing the birds chasing each other around the trees?

The strange thing about noticing abundance is that when you are in the moment, you can see it. When you are “all shook up”, abundance is nowhere to be found. Is it the same way for you?

Why is that? The harder you look, the harder it is to find. The less you get concerned, the easier it becomes to notice. My guess is that when a person is so involved in themselves, that it is difficult to see all the goodness around them.

My car needs $800.00 in repairs. I hate to spend the money. My little boy, who spent a week in sick bay is now running around and lighting the house with his energy. Is thinking about him worth more than worrying about $800.00? I think so. It does not make the car repair easier, but I know that enjoying my boy is more peaceful and happier than worrying over something I won’t change anyway.

I just retired from a job I loved thanks to a politician that cares less for people and more for making money. I agonized about the decision I had to make. I wasted 6 weeks over something that was inevitable. I can’t bring that time back, but I can learn from it. Grow from it. Offer it to you as an example.

Smell the coffee. Enjoy the rain. Say thanks to your spouse 100 times and then say thanks 100 more times. Are you breathing hard? You’re still alive? Are you reading this? You have eyesight. Is your mind speaking to you as you read this? You are capable of thinking. Are you reacting to my words?? You are capable of feeling.

Let go of the bad stuff. What do you have to gain by keeping it? What might you enjoy by throwing the negativity to the universe and saying “you’re bigger than I am, you deal with it.” Till next time……

walking down a new path
walking down a new path


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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Yes, let go. Wise words earning you a vote-up and an awesome.