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How to See Ghosts

Updated on November 1, 2015

The Lemp Mansion

Haunted Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri
Haunted Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri | Source

Opening Your Psychic Senses

There is training at psychic schools and classes so that normal people will be able to see ghosts and other spirits. People develop different levels of ability. There are some people that see things all the time naturally without any training. It is an ability that some hide so that people will not think they are odd.

In order to see ghosts you need to approach the idea with an open mind. If you have the mindset that you will not see them, it can be very difficult for you to do that. Try to open yourself up to the possibility. Also give yourself the protection of knowing that you can shut it down if you need to. Protect yourself with your belief system of God or imagine the white light around yourself.

Sit in the room quietly and feel at ease in your surroundings. Relaxing is a large part of developing psychic abilities. Look around at the room and take more notice of your surroundings more than you usually would. Look at the walls and the air around you. Think of your own aura and how other spirits might be there. See if you sense any other vibrations or spirits around in the room. An attempt to look at your surroundings and open yourself up to the psychic world can begin to open your psychic senses. Then just notice what is happening without really expecting too much. If spirits want to contact you they will.

Ask if there is anyone there. That may bring about an answer. Also you can ask questions. You can do that silently or out loud. Another thing to do is to look in a mirror. Spirits can appear behind you that you might not see otherwise. Starting to look at the psychic world can begin to show you something.

You may not notice anything at first. Some rooms or homes do not have that sort of activity going on there. But in most places there is some psychic activity going on. It is just that you cannot sense what is going on. Some people need to shut it down so that they are not overwhelmed.

Ghosts are usually lost on the other side. They will try to communicate with you. Either that or they do not know where they are at all and can just be unable to do anything. There are orbs that can float in the air in old buildings. If you do see something you want to determine if it is a ghost or not. You need to be careful and know who or what it is that is there. Some say there are also animals ghosts about. But really most people that die pass over and they are not all there to try to connect to.

One problem that a mother came into Berkeley Psychic with was what she thought was a ghost moving their perfume bottles. The ghosts may attempt to move something to tell you that they are there.

The Winchester Mystery House

The haunted Winchester house
The haunted Winchester house | Source

Winchester House Bedroom

There is a haunting feeling to the bedroom on the 2nd fl.
There is a haunting feeling to the bedroom on the 2nd fl. | Source

Talking to a Ghost or Spirit

If you do see a ghost or spirit then you can try and talk to it silently or out loud. Ask them who they are. You can also ask what they are doing there. Be polite about your method of talking to the spirit. It is better not to laugh at them.

People that have experience with the ghosts say that what you want to do is to tell them to go to to the light. They are supposed to be having trouble going off the Earth plane. They say to tell them to go to progression.

If for some reason you think they may not be good spirits or trouble you can tell them to go away if they are not from Jesus. You can use other religious beliefs also. The Christian religion works pretty well with most spirits. If a spirit heads toward you too fast or seems to be angry it is probably better to stop the communication.

It is better not to attempt to communicate with a ouija board, it has had a lot of bad things connected to using it. You don't want to open yourself up to bad entities that may be there. They are allowed to come in if you ask for them.

Vermont Cemetery
Vermont Cemetery | Source

Where to See Ghosts

There are tours in many cities that will show you haunted houses that have had ghost sightings. That is a good way to start. Some cities also have paranormal societies that are interested in ghost hunting.

Spiritualist churches try to contact people that have passed on. They get information and pass it on to the people that come to church. Some people like the chance to find out about their dead relatives. You always need to be careful about finding out the information and what is really true.

Ghosts usually appear in places where something has happened that upset the people. They are supposed to have been so disoriented by it that they stayed in the home. It could have been a murder or other terrible events.

There are houses that are known to be haunted. Hotels and other buildings can be haunted. Other places that ghosts can appear are cemeteries and funeral parlors. Another place to look is at battlefields. Civil War battlefields have had many reporting seeing ghosts there of the soldiers.

Most Haunted Places in America

Further Knowledge

In order to know more about the psychic world there are many books that you can get on becoming more psychic. People start at the Berkeley Psychic Center by doing grounding exercises. It is to connect you to the earth.

The next step that they do is called running energy. They use earth energy and sky energy. When you are ready for more you can also read about opening your chakras. Your chakras are centers in your aura. Working with your aura will help you to strengthen your psychic skills. It takes information from some ancient techniques.

Just working on being more psychic and looking at the world around you in a different way can make you more open to communicating with ghosts and spirits from another dimension.

How to See Your Aura Exercise

There is a simple exercise to see your own aura. I have tried it and it works. It may not work for everyone, but you can do it as a starting point.

First, Hold one hand out for a few seconds with your fingers apart. Then move is just a tiny bit. Look at the point where your hand was in the beginning. If it works, you will see a slight light from your aura. You may see even more. Working with your aura will help you to see it.

It is something to try at any rate. There are other exercises that you can do.

Lady Dorothy Walpole

The brown lady ghost of Raymon Hall, Norfolk, England
The brown lady ghost of Raymon Hall, Norfolk, England | Source

Lady Dorothy Walpole

Lady Walpole has appeared to many as a ghost. She is called the Brown Lady Ghost. She lived in Norfolk, England. Her husband had locked her in the house so that she could not leave it.

The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California

The lobby - the hotel is thought to be haunted. People have even reported seeing Marilyn Monroe.
The lobby - the hotel is thought to be haunted. People have even reported seeing Marilyn Monroe. | Source

Lemp Mansion Haunted House Video

Testing Your Abilities

You can test your abilities about ghosts by looking at houses that are supposed to be haunted and seeing if you can discover what happened there. You can even use photographs.

The Lemp mansion is a mansion in St. Louis, Missouri that has had many reports of ghostly activity. See if you can get information by your own psychic means before looking at the YouTube video or other writing about the mansion. You can look at the picture at the top here. I chose it because it just has ghostly vibrations coming from it. It is decorated for Halloween.

Some say that the ghosts are really after effects of events that happened in the past.

Famous People That Have Seen Ghosts

Seeing a Ghost

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