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Seeing The Beauty

Updated on October 24, 2011

I am so thankful to God for instilling in me the sensitivity and humility to see the beauty in the ordinary things of everyday life. This is something that I do consciously, and then find myself doing subconsciously.

Just yesterday morning, before church, I sat on our front porch, as the sun was just rising above the pines across the road from my house. The morning was that crisp, almost-too-cold-to-be-outside kind that I love after a scorching hot summer. Fall has moved into our area, and the leaves are turning all those magnificent colors of my favorite time of year.

It was just cool enough to make sitting in the sun feel really good. As I lay my head back against the chair and let the sun shine warm my face, I found myself smiling at nothing in particular and everything in general. With my eyes closed, I began to listen to the sounds of morning on our little wanna-be farm.

The birds were welcoming the morning with their personally distinctive songs. The roosters were crowing, and the hens were singing (as I call it) their songs of contentment, and I imagined that they were scratching happily in the dirt of their own little barnyard. The goats were bleating their good-mornings, and I knew - without seeing them - that the little twin billy goats would be jumping up on each other and butting heads; and kicking up their heels as only baby goats can do. I knew also, that the cats and kittens would be stretching - and waiting at the back door for their breakfast. As my husband and I say to each other just before we go inside for the night - everybody in the barnyard was happy.

As I opened my eyes to enjoy the beautiful, bright blue sky, and the colors of the fall morning - a squirrel came out of the woods across the road from my house, and into the yard. While I sat stone still and watched, he came straight toward the house, stopping about 4 feet from our front porch steps. He sat several seconds, switching his tail, unaware or just unafraid, that he was being watched. After a bit, he went on around the edge of the house and up to the lowest branch of a tree beside the house..where he sat observing his territory for a while.

I sat there and began to just pray and praise God, as I almost always do when I am alone. Sometimes, I pray and ask...sometimes I pray and praise. But for those few minutes on that beautiful fall morning, I prayed and praised - thanking God for His countless blessings on my life. Wonderful husband, loving children with whom we would later have lunch, the beauty of the day, a loving a supportive large family of siblings - once I start counting my blessings, it's hard to stop!

Although no one's life is perfect - and mine isn't either, and because it is life - problems will come. Therefore, some days I do more asking God than I do just praising - although praising is my favorite thing.

But now I can add to my blessings, the opportunity to have spent that time yesterday morning just enjoying the beauty of an ordinary everyday morning!


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    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Cool Hub - I like your attitude.

      Voted up and beautiful