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Seeing They See Not & Hearing They Hear Not, Neither Do They Understand.

Updated on December 9, 2015

The Purpose of White South Africans Aborted

Timeous Truth Will Cause Change
Timeous Truth Will Cause Change

The Prevailing Culture of Lawlessness


For many who live in South Africa and those abroad the idea of the Whites or Caucasian people that live in South Africa, to have suffered any negative effects from an Apartheid Government seems absurd and ludicrous. They were the ones that benefited financially from being the right colour. They got everything. Yet we never stop to think about what it is that they really got and what was it that they had to exchange for their financial gain. What birthright did they give up for the venison stew? Unless we have a heavenly point of view we will never see that they were equally disadvantaged by Satan the creator and ruler of the World and its systems. There is no shadow of a doubt that racial discrimination is a tool of Satan. What we must recognise is that this was just the sub-plan of the larger macro plan to alienate mankind from God the Father and His purpose, which he began with Adam & Eve in the garden.

A Foundational Understanding:

In Genesis 11 the scripture gives us the account of the Tower of Babel and the scattering of the nations of the earth from common language and common words. The reason for the Fathers concern for their uniformity is summed up for us in verse 6 which reads, “behold they are one people and they all have the same language, and this is what they began to do and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them”. Genesis 11:7 Come let us go down there and confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from their over the face of the whole earth and they stopped building the City. (or a Community).

I submit to you, that the act of God the Father to scatter the Nations was not only an act of judgement of the proud but an act of foreknowledge in love and mercy. God the Father fully aware of the plan of Satan to separate man from Him and to alienate man from His Divine Family interjected into time by confusing the language first and thereafter to scatter them geographically. He knew that the environment would shape their ideology and give rise to various cultures and sub-cultures thus making it very difficult for the enemy to introduce his deceptive plan. What he was doing was positioning time for His purposes to unfold in the earth. If the enemy would have introduced his scheme into a unified language corporate people that early in the race, everything that Satan would have done, would have been accelerated in time. Thereby offsetting the sequence of spiritual times (kairos) with natural times (chronos). Satan knowing that his time his short (Rev 12:12) will try to change the set times of heaven. By preaching the “doctrine of demons”, which is the gospel of postponement, he went about deceiving the very elect of God. “The Elect of God” are all those that have been predestined for sonship in the Fathers Kingdom not just the Jewish race. Needless to say, the deception has already begun and has run its course in the earth and has produced a group of religious and immature Christians. This scattering of the human race made it very difficult for Satan to unleash his plan for mankind. The diversification of language or sound overlaid by cultures and tradition created a problem for Satan. Even though Satan is a fallen Angelic spirit-being, he is not all knowing (omniscient), all present (omnipresent) or all powerful (omnipotent), he also has been stripped of all legal authority over the human race after the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross. So he divided them up into smaller sub groups in the minds of men; Jews and Gentiles, Bond & Free, Males & Female & Black and White for easier management. Later on the Father would reintroduce a heavenly sound with power and authority to unify those who are the rightful heirs of His Oneness, His Family on the Day of Pentecost by giving them the Holy Spirit and all present spoke a new language of Spirit in various tongues. The Heavenly Father had begun the process of answering the prayer of the Son to, “make them One as We are One”. The birthing of the new nation of Son Kings and Priests of Spirit being in the human race made up of every tribe and tongue in the known Diaspora of Civilization was born. Satan tried to pre-empt this outcome with Nimrod and the Temple of Baal but Heaven interjected.

What still remains absent from our perspective is that there were now two purposes functioning side by side on the earth, the Kingdom of God and the Domain of Satan, Light & darkness, two contrasting and opposing cultures in conflict. The account that we have which is presented to us in the Bible is the sequence of events that would have constituted the record of the Kingdom of God, a monotheistic deity. We have to follow the scarlet tread through the corridors of time from Adam and Seth, through to the Patriarchs and the rise of Israel the Nation. Out of that Nation will come the Messiah Jesus Christ, the Seed of God via the loins of Abraham into the womb of Mary & Joseph. Running parallel to this is a whole other system of darkness and polytheism that began with Nimrod and his descendants and the scattered Nations of the earth post Flood. We never consider the trajectory of those Nations nor do we assign any of the religious beliefs in the Gods they serve as anything more than paganism. But if you would think on these things and unpack them what you would clearly see is a system of religion within each pagan nation, whose primary role was to pray to the Gods in elaborate Temples of Worship with animal and human blood sacrifice through ritualistic and religious practice. To sum it all, what you will see through time is the rise and fall of Empires and the futility of erecting massive and ornate Temples to their Deities, so that they could please these Gods and so that he would bless them would health, wealth and prosperity. The mythical stories of the Norse Gods of Asgard followed by the Greek Titan Gods bear striking similarities about a God and His God Family interacting with the mortal human race of the earth and the competition for power between themselves. This historical trajectory over time comes to a grinding halt at St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican in Rome, the last of the fallen Empires as prophesied by Daniel in his dream to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. The biggest and grandest Temple erected to the Christian God Jehovah, Jesus Christ the Son, Mother Mary & the Holy Spirit.

Conversely yet similarly we see the historical trajectory of the line of Biblical Adam follow a sequence to the Tabernacle of Moses, Tabernacle of David and Temple of Solomon into the New Testament up to John the Baptist, who was the herald of the Kingdom of God and His Son. Jesus Christ comes preaching the actual return of the invisible Kingdom of God by the Spirit in fullness in Him but yet in its infancy in the minds of most men. He taught the return of the Gospel of the Kingdom for three and half year before He was executed by the Romans who were manipulated by the Jews but was all part of the grand master plan of the Creator. On the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ when He cried with a loud voice “It is Finished” the curtain that separated the Holies of Holies and Holy Place in the Temple of Solomon was rent in two signifying that the way to God the Father was now open to every tongue and tribe who would receive the Son of God, Jesus Christ. These now have the opportunity to be joined to the common wealth of the Kingdom of God. To further emphasise the importance of what had happened in the Spirit that day, Jesus Christ prophesied the total destruction of Temple of Solomon which was fulfilled in 70 A.D. Conclusively demonstrating that the infinite God of the Heavens and earth does not live in temples build with human hands but dwells in the Spirits of righteous men made perfect in love in a relationship of Father and son. Reinstating, inaugurating and demonstrating the leaven like Kingdom into the earth that would eventually consume all the systems of Satan in the World. It is the only Kingdom that is ever-increasing and is not subject to death and decay because it is an eternal Kingdom. In his death and resurrection Jesus Christ destroyed ALL of the works of the Satan, Death and Hell in the heavens, on the earth and under the earth that held the human race captive because of Adams acts of disobedience. Amen.

Breaking the seals of your mind

Now you may ask how does this all tie up with Apartheid in South Africa, why did you have to take us all that way? Well let me begin by defining what the mission of Satan is. Satan’s main aim was to never get the created human being to ever reconcile his true identity which is Spirit for he was a lair from the beginning. He did this by separating a Spirit son Adam from his Heavenly Father God by deceiving him into believing that He was not like His Father God and yet scripture concludes that Adam was a son of God (Luke 3:38). Once you have settled that your origin is heavenly and that you are Spirit being living in a human body then only can you conclude the God is your Progenitor (Father of your Spirit) for God is Spirit that (Agape) loves. You will begin to understand that your role and purpose in the earth as a Spirit Son is vastly different from the role and purpose of a human being. When you separate a man from his Father then his identity is lost, his heritage is lost and once that happens he begins to act from a position of an orphan and views everything through the prism of the soul of self provision and self protection. He will even view his wife and his children as a threat to his goals, everything about him will be driven from that fallen identity. Money and things will be substituted for his identity and self worth. This is the schemes of Satan of which we are not ignorant.

Colonialism was only another way of the more powerful Monarchs to consume lands and people to give them that self gratification on a larger scale. Jan Van Reebeeck did not discover South Africa any more than Columbus discovered the West Indies. There was already an Aborigines culture dominant in those countries. These historical Explorers came to conquer new territory for their Royal Crown. To conquer is to take by deceptive force. God the Father would use this wickedness to open doors to also spread the Gospel of the Kingdom into these parts of the World. The English came as Colonialist but the Dutch Afrikaans came to spread Christianity from Cape to Cairo. The English lost to the Afrikaans in the Boer War. Unfortunately the Afrikaans speaking Dutch discovered gold and diamonds in Transvaal & Kimberly and lost the mandate of their Mission and they were sidetracked by their greed. Satan had succeeded in getting them to serve Mammon rather than God and that’s when he began to introduce the System of Apartheid to the then White Nationalist Party under the first Prime Minister of the Republic of South Africa J.B.M Hertzog in 1924. They very quickly reduced the power of our mixed race group of Coloureds by granting the right to vote to White women only. Upon taking power during the 1948 general election, the National Party began to implement a program of apartheid– the legal system of political and social separation of the races, a policy intended to maintain and extend political and economic control of South Africa by the white minority. Blinded by power, lands and money, Satan had temporarily succeeded to delay the seed of God but it would come at a very high price for those that would serve him. That was the baited hook.

White South Africans now in power held all of the top positions in the Government and Private Conglomerates, which had the burden of running and maintaining this Country against the back drop of a very dissatisfied International Community that began to apply sanctions of international trade restrictions. The White women were forced to take up managerial and secondary positions in the Market Place. Both parents had to leave the children to be raised by Crèche’s, Daycare or their Black Maids in the infancy and sent off to Boarding School alone at the tender ages of six and seven. This put a major strain on the White Families. Divorce became as normal as weddings and families were divided along the lines of convenience and entitlement to their rights as a male or female. Too consumed by their own selfish personal preferences they lost sight of the damage that was being done to the next generation of White children. After High School all White teenager boys had to go serve in the Army for two years. Boot Camp was the cruelest encounter for these young men. Only because in the sub-culture of the White man there was still a Clan divided against each other of English and Afrikaans. Ignorance of the workings of the demonic spirit of the Apartheid and blinded to the fact that it still functions in the absent of Black People but just in another way. These young men were made to suffer some of the most humiliating and atrocious acts against human rights and it dehumanized them in their souls to the point that many of them returned home unfit for normal life in society. Many of them committed suicide, made their home a living nightmare for their wives and children because they were completely dysfunctional. Alcoholism and drug addiction was common. Domestic violence increased in the home. Adults were now in the second and third marriages. The women were looking for love and acceptance from the previous abusive relationship only to discover a repeated cycle of abuse in their new relationships, only to divorce again and loose all hope of ever finding a man that would give them a life of love and care unconditionally.

The men and Fathers were losing the rightful role in the homes and women were raising the children as single mums, imparting the spirit of the Widow into the next generation. The women latched onto the Women Liberation Movement and began to dominate the men, introducing the spirit of Jezebel and the Matriarchal Spirit into their homes. Sexual abuse between step fathers and daughters was high. Sexual promiscuity among teenage girls and boys led to various venereal diseases among the Whites that were never known before. Homosexual relationship started to surface among the rich and famous and the acceptance of this lifestyle was now becoming the norm among the White community. Statistics has shown that 43% of White children that were born in South Africa were born to single mums. Abortion of the unborn children conceived out of wedlock and teenage pregnancies was at an all time high. Murder and death had given way to the sanctity of Life. Satan was sitting back and ravelling in his master plan to remove and crush the Family layer by layer and he had succeeded. All of these were Christians going to Church on a Sunday morning. Conversely to the non-Christian this gave rise to Satanism and the Occult among the Whites and it further drove them away from God. Not retaining God in the knowledge, God gave them up to their fleshly desires and the wickedness of their hearts. Yes the Whites in South Africa got the money, the cars and the houses but lost their Families to the system of Apartheid and the original purpose for what their Forefathers were sent her to do. Had God the Father not intervened by his Spirit this land would have been smite with a curse forever.

The last days will governed by a Spirit of Lawlessness. For many will say in that day, Lord, Lord but we have prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and He will say to them depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness. People who refuse to come into any form of authority and Godly government so that their wayward and immature lives can be confronted are those that are lawless. When you have been in power for so long, the dominant race group, submission to any form of spiritual authority is a real hard pill to swallow. The apartheid system has produced a lawless White culture, that do not want their comfort zone to be rocked by anyone or anything including God Himself. Just leave me alone to enjoy my life and don’t make me reach for anything more that my chequebook cannot reach. Please take note that those that practice lawlessness are not the heathen but the Christian that can prophesy and cast out demons, not sinners. 2 Thess 2:8-9 For the mystery of the lawless is already at work, only he who now restrains will be taken out of the way and then the lawless one will be revealed. God has begun the to raise up spiritual families that are arranged in a relationship of Fathers and Sons. The purpose for this is twofold one to prepare a people for righteous rule as sons of God who love authority and restraint and the other is to remove the Tares, the false lawless sons of disobedience from the Wheat, the sons of the Kingdom. 1 Titus 2:14 who gave Himself for us that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself a people for His own possession zealous for good deeds. These things speak and exhort and reprove with all authority. Let no one disregard you. Mature Fathers must bring order into their spiritual Families so that the saints can come to maturity. If you cannot discipline someone in love then you cannot bring them to maturity.

Over the last seven years within my spiritual household, I had to deal with these matters on a one to one basis with my White spiritual sons as I would Disciple them from the bruises of Satan on their souls. Soul ties and deeps scars of personal hurts and past negative experience prevented them from experiencing the love of the Father and ever coming to spiritual maturity in their sonship. My hope is that if you have been gripped by this truth then you have been summoned to restore back to the Whites of South Africa the purpose for their sending and begin to shout it from the rooftops of your Households that the reproach has been removed, if only they would repent and turn to their Father that an entire Nation can be re-connected into the purpose of Heaven in this epoch of the Fathers agenda for the Kingdom. Now is the time...its your move.

Grace & Peace

Leon Elijah


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    • Leon Elijah profile image

      The Elijah Tribe 4 years ago from The Household of Sam Soleyn - Durban - South Africa

      Hello Maira 818

      Well it depicts the crowd or the masses on a path in one direction and then one alone who chooses not to follow the crowd but knows the direction for his/her life counter flow to the masses. Its a lonely path and a narrow path but it leads to life. He /she is not moved by the what the status quo is, which is driven by numeric value but rather the voice of his /her Father and only does what he hears his/her Father is saying, this is the mind-set of the sons of God.

    • Maira818 profile image

      Maira818 4 years ago from Los Angeles, Ca

      Hi brother, can you explain the picture in this page? I can somehow relate to a bible scripture.