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Seek and Surrender

Updated on March 18, 2018
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Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of faith and spiritual well being, which he wishes to share through all that he writes.


"Seek and you shall find."

- Matthew 7:7


I am a seeker!

But what is it that I seek?

Perhaps a bit of wisdom, some beauty, even a little peace and joy; these are the things I seek. I also seek knowledge, the knowledge that enables me to recognize these things, allowing me to understand and appreciate them.

I guess that what I am really looking for is to know a bit more about the mind of that higher power that is called God. This a tall order, but Jesus says that I will find that which I seek.

Looking for wisdom, I turn to books of wisdom where I read that some will come my way when I understand, "what is right and just and fair - every good path." Wisdom will enter my heart and knowledge will be pleasant to my soul. I also read that God, "has made everything beautiful in its time.", and "that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil - this is the gift of God." So as I read about wisdom, I also get a glimpse of what beauty, and peace and joy is all about. They are about God and His gifts.

Of course, I cannot stop there, because I need to learn how to bring these, and the many other gifts into my life, and then to seek some more. There are times when it seems that these gifts are eluding me somehow. There are also times when I am physically or emotionally down, times when I may become angry or impatient. It appears God has gone into hiding. I know that this cannot be, so I decide to slow down. I let go. I take a break from the seeking, reading, and thinking, becoming quiet, becoming still. I find that in my impatience, I am the one who is hiding, resisting the wisdom that is always flowing, the peace and the joy that is always present. I find that I am being sought by these things, as we all are. Beauty seeks us; joy wants us; wisdom is knocking at our doors. Peace wants to be. I stop seeking these things as to possess them, and instead I surrender to them as to receive them. And then, perhaps, a little wisdom does enter my heart, as my soul feels the pleasantness of a bit of knowledge.

I seek and I find.

I find that "every good path" includes those paths that I may have felt unworthy of my footsteps. I discover the reality of God's beauty in the world despite much of the un-beauty that I sometimes see around me. I realize that everyone should be happy and find satisfaction - God is revealed, and these gifts are accessible, to all.


Every Good Path

Every good path is any and all paths containing the footsteps of good people. Not all are seekers and not all believe in a higher power. There are many who believe without thinking about it very often, and there are those who think about God all the time. The world is full of diverse cultures that follow different spiritual paths towards wisdom, beauty and the like, and they all walk the good path when they have goodness and love in their hearts.

There are those who do good works through science and medicine with or without believing in a higher power, and there are those who explore the physical world from the expanse of the cosmos to the tiny sub atomic world, some who do so without an inclination to a power, while others see a deep connection between them. There are individuals who do not believe in the existence of any god in an absolute sense, yet they are still able to be compassionate and caring. they walk the good walk with a strong sense of self. There are those who find spirituality in the beauty and wonder of nature, having a strong and loving sense of place.

There are those who follow God's commandments without being able to name them. And there are those whose main purpose in life is to provide for their families; they desire the best for them so they toil and find satisfaction. They play with their children and work on their homes, while also being able to catch a ballgame or two, or catch a good movie. With good hearts they walk the good path, partaking in the wisdom of tradition and celebration. Life is good walking the good walk.

I have found a bit of wisdom, seen the beauty, and felt the joy. And when I become still, I feel the peace. But once again, I feel that something is eluding me. I am avoiding the truth of what I am really seeking, and that is forgiveness and healing.


Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

— Matthew 11: 29-30


I now go back to read more of the words of Jesus, and I surrender further. I surrender to Jesus and His healing and forgiving ways.

I surrender because I am surrounded. I am surrounded by Spirit; I am surrounded by Christ.

I surrender and become a prisoner. I become a prisoner of peace, a prisoner of freedom.

I surrender to love and with love I pass along all the gifts that I have received, sharing the blessings, while acknowledging the blessings of others. I do this by being kind and forgiving. And I am forever thankful.

There may be times when I falter. I begin to judge others, feeling above those who just don't get it. This can be very distracting, distracting enough that I may find myself walking into a door or tripping over a root. So I pick myself up, brush myself off, and, removing any splinters, I wipe the dust from my eyes and I continue on my way. But as I rise, I catch a glimpse of a man who has a withered hand; he is a leper who cannot see; he is lame and cannot make his way into the healing waters. I see this man and realize that there is no reason to believe that I cannot be healed by him.

I now understand that I must live the wisdom, experience the beauty, and share the peace and joy. When I do this, there is no room for any self righteous-ness, just humility, a deep and strong humility. And closer I get to that that higher power, the more humility I feel, which allows me to further move forward.

So I continue my seeking; I wonder and contemplate. I move forward with deep humility, surrendering at every step. I discover that there is no limit to what can be found, as there is no limit to the wisdom, the beauty, and the peace and joy, that is that higher power, that is God.

Seeking is a journey, a journey of knowing and not knowing, a journey into forever.

And now I return to the book of Ecclesiastes and find that God has, "set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

I am a seeker.


Author's note:

All Bible passages are from the New International version:

"what is right and just...." (Proverbs 2:9-10)

"has made everything beautiful...." (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

"that there is nothing better...." (Ecclesiastes 3:12)

"set eternity into the hearts...." (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

© 2013 Paul K Francis


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