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Seek real knowledge of the Self!

Updated on May 4, 2016

Spiritual world..

Worldly knowledge Vs Real knowledge!

Knowledge is surrounded by ignorance. Knowledge can not be gathered from outside. It is already inside our self but we could not access this eternal knowledge due to many illusions that surround us. The senses delude us to the greatest extent. We rely on the senses for gathering knowledge from the external world. Unfortunately, what we gather through the senses are only illusory like the water bubble float on the air. At any moment, it will burst. Hence all the knowledge we gather from outside is fleeting, momentary, temporary and evanescent.

Many in the world may boast that they have acquired the highest degrees from renowned universities, the world over. The purpose of those degrees is for flimsy reasons. It is our aim to gather wealth, properties, positions, power and status from the outside world. We coolly forget the fact that we can utilize those degrees for a maximum of twenty odd years. Yes, to get a Doctorate and to settle in a plum job takes at least 30 years. One may hardly harvest for another twenty years or a little more from the degree and job. Then what happens? One fine morning, our learned friend become ill and depends on the mercy of medicines and Doctors. His learning and emoluments won’t help him to become healthy again. In the present day world, education and health have become attractive venues in the commercial sense. One needs to cough up in lakhs in super specialty hospitals to get a decent cure. The only satisfaction is that the learned could afford for such costly cure.


Use of secular knowledge!

I was talking about ‘eternal knowledge and wisdom’ which personifies the self. The self is not visible to the naked eye nor can be cognized even by an intense inquiry. Intellect and logic are incapable of reaching the portals of the self. What we learned from universities of repute is only a ‘secular learning’, which will help you to fill up our bellies. In fact, most of the youth today use their degrees as ‘begging bowl’ for a decent job. This is the condition of education around the world. Education must illumine our heart. It is not gathering of information in the brain. Even the steel racks which accommodate thousands of books in the library could be equated to our brain! What is the use of storing terabytes of data in your brain cells unless it is utilized for the welfare of the world? Look at the educated today. They are flying across the entire globe in a month seeking value for their knowledge. Professors, Doctors and Engineers are frequenting many countries as consultants, visiting faculties and advisers to many Educational Institutes, multi speciality hospitals and global national firms. They are paid huge amounts for their consultancy. Each moment they earn thousands of dollars. Well, are they happy and peaceful? Never! They don’t have time even for a breakfast or coffee break! Very busy schedules, no wonder they end up in a big posh hospital for their cardiac problems.

Our ancients led fruitful life and gained real wisdom!

Our ancients lived a simple and fruitful life. They searched for real knowledge in the corners of their prayer halls, in temples and quiet surroundings of hills and valleys, in the Himalayan mountain caves. They ruminated about the mysteries of life, the unseen creator of the entire cosmos, the purpose of human life on earth! They never bothered about their next meal or where they will lay their head during night. Whatever fruits or leaves they could get in the thick jungles pacified their hunger. They just rested on some secluded places near water falls and river beds to fulfill their morning duties. They never bothered about their physical comforts, heat or cold. Their only aim was to uncover the mystery surrounding the Self. After many years of intense meditation, they could realize that the Self is the residing deity in each body which could be connected by sacrificing body attachments and the craving for mean sensual pleasures.

After realizing the self within, they retreated to the villages around, taught the innocent people about the great creator and the ways to propitiate and reach near the self. The values of Truth, service and tolerance were taught to the innocent villagers through simple teachings. People reposed faith on such preceptors and attained the aim of their life.

But the priorities set by the present generation of people are entirely different. It is wealth, properties, and comforts. Today, the rich people are venerated in society. They become leaders in political terms. They wield high powers and use their position to earn money in millions by many illegal means. They stack the ‘ill gotten money’ in tax havens abroad. As the people become aware of the activities of their leaders, revolts happen everywhere to overthrow the corrupt regime. It is happening everywhere in the globe.

Hence we should adopt philosophy and teachings of great sages to know about real and illusory aims of life. We should gain real knowledge which will ensure our release from this mundane existence! Evil will never rule the roost forever!

Real spirituality..


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