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Seeking the Church to Suit Your Needs

Updated on September 10, 2018

We The People Are The Church


A Place Where You Can Interact Or Remain Silent

In order to select the right church for or you and your family, you should be ready to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and get baptized. He was a servant. He still serves God and us here on earth, today. The church is where you want to feel the presence of God. You want it to be your House of Prayer and where you will go to worship in song, praise and meditate on His Word. God’s way to live is told in the scriptures of the Bible. A church should be chosen based on how well you receive the Word that is taught, preached from the Bible and location to you. The church is the basis for interpreting the Bible. Many churches create doctrines and philosophies that members and visitors are expected to follow. Being part of a Church can be like being part of a family.

Church is About Saving Your Soul

However, it is about saving your soul for Jesus Christ, yourself and walking daily with God and Christ. In walking with God and Christ you are walking with faith and not by sight, developing a relationship with Them, at the same time because they have become one and the same. You will learn the goodness expected of you from Them. We are responsible for our own salvation. Whether a church puts on many activities or not, the importance is its focus for teaching about and following the Bible. The Bible is the source for explaining the world creation. The creator told it in the beginning of the Bible. All scripture was inspired by God for men to write.

The Church Is For You

The Bible says, seek and ye shall find. The church that you should end up serving in should be comfortable for you. You should be at liberty to dress comfortably and make decisions to do things when you are ready to. Sometimes, you may need to take certain initiatives do things that you are hesitant about doing. The people should be welcoming, cordial, encouraging and accommodating.

Everyone in the church is seeking favor from the Lord. Absolutely, no one is better than the other when it comes to someone transitioning from the old way of living to the new. The church for you should be closer to home but if not, it is worth going a little more distance to if it meets what you are looking for and perhaps, for your family. After you have chosen a church and if you see some things that you feel are not appropriate then perhaps, you can eventually serve in an office to help make some changes. You just may have a higher calling. The person that you are becoming just might be what is needed in that church, to help make a better difference.

Singing Where You Can Learn Expertise For Free

Through attending church, a child or an adult can also join a youth or adult choir and learn the fundamentals of singing. A choir consist of sing parts such as soprano (high) alto (mid range high) tenor, baritone and base. This experience can take a vocalist a long way. Lead singing can also be developed. All this is a plus to ones life as well as praising the Lord. Singing in a choir is like getting free lessons in lead voicing and harmony parts. Talent is many times derived right out of the church.

Some churches have activities that include camping, boating, fishing and other outdoor adventures that children and adults can participate in.

How Excellent Is Thy Name

A Church Nearest You

A church near you can make your worship experience most convenient for all practical purposes. If it is open during various days and hours of the week you may want to attend prayer meetings, bible studies and times when you may want to go in and pray alone and about anything in your mind on your heart. The location of a church at your convenience can help relieve stress, illness, heartbreak and other tensions. A church should be there for you when you need it.

Youth Ministry


Church attending is good for developing the youth into fine, strong, loving and victorious adults.


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  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Yes MsDora, there is bound to be a church with the kind of activities that anyone wants. Thank you so much for your gracious comments.

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    4 years ago from The Caribbean

    "Whether a church puts on many activities or not, the importance is its focus for teaching about and following the Bible." That's the truth. In addition, with so many churches around, there is bound to one with the kind of activities you want.


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