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Atheistic Evolution - A Cornerstone of "Religion"?

Updated on November 25, 2017

There is NO Middle Ground

Where On The Meter Do You Stand?
Where On The Meter Do You Stand? | Source

First: A Personal Rant - Please Forgive

I am sorry Whoopi, Hitler was NOT a Christian!!! What is a Christian anyway? Most of the world defines it as one who is NOT Islamic, NOT Jewish, NOT Hindu or Buddhist, NOT an atheist then by default alone one must be a Christian. Per the world's standards that could include Stalin, Idi Amin, Jack the Ripper, and whosoever comes to mind to give one an excuse to hate Christians. The worst group of all are those who "claim" to be Christians that do NOT live up to true biblical standards nor the "standards" that we are held to by those who hate Christians most.

I really do not like what I see on social media as a whole when it comes to those who supposedly espouse Christianity. There are too many legalistic arrogant "better-than-thou" types, the "you-must-believe-like-me" types or hell is your next residence and those who desire to place burdens on others that they themselves are not able to bear. The only reason I still peruse the social media is to identify the camouflaged enemies of the cross and to point them out to my readers and my hearers.

Christianity is NOT a religion, it never has been nor will it ever be one: it is a RELATIONSHIP between Almighty God and the sinful people He has chosen to be His vessels of mercy. We are NOT perfect this side of heaven, but we have a newly endowed mindset to grow in grace in His Truth, to seek that perfection as we grow in knowledge and wisdom. Those who preach perfection here-and-now, are liars and enemies of the Truth along with those who require works, rites and the right standing within the "church" to be acceptable to God. As I write this, I AM acceptable to my LORD but as Peter stated, I have a personal time of judgment coming before I am presented to the Father without spot or wrinkle and I know of too many spots and wrinkles that need a good cleansing and ironing out. I believe that time "wounds all heels" and that eventually the false Christians will give up the ghost and return to their old lifestyle.

Thanks for listening to an old man's rant; now on to the subject at hand.....

Somebody Please Sound the Alarm!

We Are A People With Deaf Ears!
We Are A People With Deaf Ears! | Source

Danger Believer, Danger

In John 5:46-47 Jesus gives this warning concerning the writings of Moses which includes Genesis: "For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he (Moses) wrote of Me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe My words?" Moses is credited with the first five books of the Old Testament and Jesus drew a direct correlation with His teachings to that of Moses. If you don't believe Moses then how in the world do you expect to believe our Lord. If a believer has trouble believing the first chapter of Genesis then by the words of Jesus himself, you will not fully trust Him and His Word. That is very dangerous ground upon which to stand and we need to hear it preached loudly from our country's pulpits and in our homes.

Sadly, this is not a rare problem today within our churches and it is displayed by the breakdown within so many marriages and the home; children when they leave home for college or career are not pursuing a godly lifestyle; pregnancies out of wedlock, pastors falling by the wayside and the massive movement towards the worldly within our churches and its services. I believe it is only by God's grace that the American church has been spared much of the persecution we now see all around the world today: why, because we are so WEAK spiritually. But as the church of Ephesus' lamp was removed for the lack of love, the shaking by God found in Hebrews chapter 12 is coming soon to a church near you so that "...those things which cannot be shaken may remain." Persecution is coming on a very large scale and many will flee to keep from being associated with anything "Christian". Amazingly, the American church shall become a stronger witness for the Truth for history teaches us that the CHURCH grows midst persecution.

Death - Survival of the Fittest?

A Scene On Earth Before Adam?
A Scene On Earth Before Adam? | Source

Ape or Dust?

This Is Almost Believable
This Is Almost Believable | Source

Who Needs A New Earth?

I Do!!!!!
I Do!!!!! | Source

What Value Have We Placed Upon Life?

This Is All Too Real - A Bi-product of Evolution
This Is All Too Real - A Bi-product of Evolution | Source

Twenty Questions For A Theistic Evolutionist

Remember, these are the tenets of evolutionary thinking that have crept into the Church and have sapped the once powerful voice of Christian thought and reasoning.

  1. Was there death upon this earth prior to Adam's sin?
  2. When Adam died, did he evolve into a higher being?
  3. Do we need a new heavens and earth or is this all there will ever be?
  4. Were there carnivorous animals doing their thing before the Garden of Eden knew Adam and Eve.
  5. Is creation finished?
  6. Did man come from an ape or is he made of dust?
  7. To what does a man return when he dies?
  8. Was the initial creation good?
  9. Is Genesis literal?
  10. Can one species (kind) become another kind?
  11. Is the order of creation compatible with that of evolution?
  12. Was Adam a grunting intellectual void?
  13. Was the "flood" local or worldwide?
  14. Did all men descend from one man, Adam?
  15. Was morality established or did it evolve?
  16. Is morality relative to any given culture and without any particular universality?
  17. If the Word cannot be trusted in Genesis 1, what other portions of God's Word should be taken with a grain of salt?
  18. Is one life more valuable than another?
  19. Does your life have any meaning, if so, why?
  20. Who has set the standards for life: the universe, man or God?

Ask these questions in a crowd of Christians and you will be amazed how many different answers you will hear, but ultimately it is the far reaching effects your answers to these questions will have on those you love the most!

SCOTUS - The Supreme Court

Their Failure Has Destroyed Far Too Many Lives
Their Failure Has Destroyed Far Too Many Lives | Source

A Lone Dinosaur Trail?

Another Wonderful "Half-truth"
Another Wonderful "Half-truth" | Source

Now From Where Did These Footprints Come?

Not All Is As It First Appears
Not All Is As It First Appears | Source

June 25, 1962 - The Road to Ruin Began in Earnest!

This is the day the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for the removal of prayer from the American public school system and the flood gates were opened. We are not the proverbial frog, slowly brought to a boil, we were boiled in oil. What followed:

  • In the 60's a new biology curriculum created by the National Science Foundation called the "Biological Sciences Curriculum Study" group (BSCS) with evolution as its main theme. By 1970, more than 50% of all high school students were using the BSCS study materials.
  • In 1968, our beloved SCOTUS, ruled against banning the teaching of evolution in the classroom, because it would be unconstitutional to favor one particular RELIGIOUS viewpoint over others.
  • In the early 70's a social sciences curriculum "Man; A Course of Study" (MACOS) was introduced at the 5th and 6th grade levels and was designed to show a comparative between animal and human behavior.
  • Museums, including the Smithsonian, funded by taxpayers dollars have packaged up the atheistic evolutionary RELIGION very attractively. Their "tower of time" greets visitors with a display of "facts" that from a single cell at the bottom it progresses to man at the top.
  • The silent brainwashing of publications such as the National Geographic. It seems like every doctor's, dentist's and other waiting rooms or lobbies contain this magazine. Such beautiful photography and professionalism seem to lend credence to evolution as a fact. Do you remember the famous dinosaur footprint in a dry Texas riverbed back in 60's and 70's? What they did NOT show, is that right along beside those footprints were the footprints of a human. When finally confronted with the facts, they added to their beautiful artwork a figure of an ape man. A skeptical group brought in an Aborigine tracker who looked at the tracks and surprised the onlookers with his answer. It was not an ape like creature but a human WOMAN walking with a small child in hand: he made out the small child's footprints missed by everyone else. Facts, nothing but the facts.....sure.
  • How many nature documentaries do your hear the words; millions of years - about 99.9% give or take a 1/100 of a percent.
  • Every year millions of sightseers visit such places as the Grand Canyon, the La Brea Tar Pits, Niagara Falls or Yellowstone and in every location they are met by information signs or lectures from tour guides that do NOT espouse the creationist view.

It is an ocean of lies, a religion of deceit and another nail in the coffin of those who fiercely defend their religion. But thanks be to organizations such ICR and Answers in Genesis that stand for the Truth. Their impact is very evident in the FACT that thousands of avowed evolution educated scientists have abandoned a "theory" and now hold to a creation by a single source, God.

Now if we could just get the Church to follow suit.


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