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Selenite And Its Magical Properties

Updated on December 3, 2011
Selenite Skyscrapers
Selenite Skyscrapers | Source


Selenite is a Gypsum stone that's name is considered to be Greek standing for "moonstone", though it really doesn't seem all that familiar with the moonstone really. Like many stones that are out there, this stone has many associations and uses, both of healing purposes and magical uses. Altogether this stone can come to quite some use for someone who may fall under one of the categories that I will mention later.

In this hub you will discover what zodiac signs are connected with Selenite and other astrological associations. You will also discover ways this beautiful piece can help with your help and your life. You may just be amazed at what follows.


The following areas are where Selenite has been found so far, although I am sure there are probably many places that are yet to be discovered. This gypsum can be found in an area in New York and also in an are in Utah. It is found in an area called Maravilla Mine, Naica. Last but not least Selenite can also be found in an area known as Chihuahua, Mexico.


Selenite is a stone that can be used to cleanse and recharge other gemstones. However when it comes to itself you must be careful to what ways you use to cleanse it. Selenite cannot be cleansed in water. In fact any kind of contact with water can permanently damage this beautiful stone and I don't believe any of us would want that to happen when we finally come lucky to be able to own one. You may choose any other method that you may like just avoid any contact with water at all cost.


When it comes to healing Selenite has been said to help improve skin tone in people. It may also help the body to be able to absorb calcium.

This stone protects the health of pregnant women as well as the unborn child one may be carrying until the time has come for the woman to give birth.

It can heal cells of the body and help improve the flow of the fluid system. For example your spinal fluid.

It has been said to help align the spinal column and by doing so it can help one become more flexible.

If you are one that has epilepsy this stone can help guard against epileptic seizures.

Last but not least Selenite has been said to help increase Libido.

As I always like to note please seek out professional help, be it from a doctor or professional healer it is always important. I am not a doctor and I just find it important for people to know that. However what you choose to do is your own decision.

Magical Associations and Uses

Selenite has been associated with the Moon. With this information I am sure the stone can also be connected with any Goddess that is associated with the moon as well. The zodiac sign for Selenite is Cancer.

The element of Selenite is water, which is to be expected when it is connected with Cancer.

To dream of this piece is meant to mean that you are going to have a pleasant period in life where you and your home may be the center of positive social interactions.

Selenite is a great stone to use when it comes to communicating with ancestors, loved ones, spirit guides and angels. That is why it is said that a medium or clairvoyant should use Selenite.

Translucent Selenite brings clarity to mind and pure selenite is said to help anchor the body to the earth vibration.

This gypsum has also been known to help one to remember dreams and past lives if one is opened to them.

Let's talk about Chakras now. Selenite is connected to the third eye and sacral/navel chakras and can be used on either or.

Keep in mind that Selenite should never be ingested as an elixir. In order to experience the help that this gypsum can over you then you need to either rub it over your body in appropriate areas or in your aura. You may also carry it around with you as well. Just do not use it as an elixir. This is because in order to do so you have to make contact with water, and we just don't want that.


I love the appearance of Selenite, though it always saddens me that it cannot be in contact with water, when it is after all connected with that element. It's still beautiful and is remarkable in its own right.

Selenite is one precious piece, and even fragile if I might add. One would be lucky to have a piece and I know that I would feel very lucky and even hold pride in my Selenite if I did own one.


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