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Self-Awareness and the Word Barrier

Updated on September 7, 2012

Self-Awareness Without Words

-Take my word for it, words are not where it’s at!

What an incredible soap opera our terrestrial life is, fueled ever vigorously by the outpourings of words and their infinitely debatable meanings. Ever so much fun it is to conjure another sentence, paragraph or even book, if you have the forbearance, expounding upon some subject, serious or frivolous, all with the in-built “presumption” that with a little tweak here or a more appropriate word there it will make what you are trying to say defining.

Ironically we do appear to have a word for just about anything and everything -at the time of writing the reservoir of the English language alone is on the point of barreling past the 1 million word mark- and once we have a word associated with something or an idea of something it is as if that is now set in stone.

For a simple, visible and touchable object such as a table perhaps there is no problem, with few dissenters from a defining meaning of the word “table”. However, to plant the seed of doubt, imagine a red-green color blind person being spoken to of a “red table”. The “meaning” for the speaker and the meaning for the listener would naturally differ. In this particular case both parties could probably get along with whatever they are discussing without any further explanation but the point is that presumptions made by the listener and the speaker will almost certainly be different. What then happens when we step away from the visual and tangible? The presumption of there being an absolute common meaning naturally weakens. ‘That is a “nice” table’, for example: riddled to the utmost with ambiguity now isn’t it? Nice for what, nice for whom, nice for how? So extremely ambiguous is this statement that almost certainly qualification would be necessary. It might be nice because it is sturdy, because it is elegant or because it is fashionable just for example. We might be able to agree over sturdy but how about the subjectivity of elegance or, further removed still, the inherently moving target of fashionable?

If you are not yet convinced of the implausibility of words being able to communicate unequivocally how something is then let me illustrate further with some of the more heavyweight subjects of ambiguous communication laden with many presumptive common meanings: ethics, religion, morals and even, dare we say, God.

I could show you a table and we could perhaps even have consensus on it being a sturdy table, maybe if we stretch our goodwill we could even have a few stabs at a communal interpretation of nice. How though can I show you a moral, an ethic or a religion or even God for that matter? The suggestion propounded here, therefore, is that you just cannot get to the holy grail of meaning and definition with words.

So if words cannot define it, then what? If it is not in the uncertainty of what someone says nor in the unreliability of what somebody has written down then how about clambering right down inside the most certain and reliable of all resources: your very own personal experience! You do not have to travel anywhere for this nor be in any kind of special physical or mental state. Just determine to resist the intrusion of words presented by your mind as a distraction to what is really going on!

Just ask yourself who or what is it that is aware of all these thoughts that are passing through your head? It is not your head, it cannot be or you wouldn’t be aware of your head, now would you, or do you really think that awareness (like, all of it) is contained right inside that tiny little head of yours?

Stay right there and be, which simply and beautifully is awareness!

Absolutely brilliant isn’t it. No more words, no more journeys, no more anguish even, just the incredible you, aware of everything that could ever happen.

Most certainly the words and the journeys are for having fun with, even the anguish too, if you like that sort of thing, but just know that that the real you is above all of that especially if you choose so!

Short self-realization video

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    • TheReality profile image

      TheReality 8 years ago

      Hey Singular Investor, I am finally getting back to your very welcome comments - thanks!

    • Singular Investor profile image

      Singular Investor 8 years ago from Oxford

      Excellent stuff ! Your link doesn't work by the way - it needs to be in the form of a link.