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Self Philosopher

Updated on January 10, 2010

I'm a self-philosopher... what that means, is that I Iive life by my own rules. I live my life according to my own personal philosophies. I acknowledge no higher being, unless they acknowledge me first, (like this one time I swore to god, and he sweared back) that's a joke of course...

Does this mean I don't believe in the afterlife? No, it does not, I believe there is some kind of life after death. I believe in spirits, and I think it's fine to be spiritual, whether you worship mother nature or you pray to a higher being. Which brings me to... do I believe in a God? I lean towards yes... but I'm unsure, which according to the bible is a one way ticket to hell. Do I believe the bible is God's word?... No I do not.

Back in the day, (Waaaaay back in the day), you were either royalty, apart of the church, or a peasant. If you were royalty or apart of the church you were wealthy... if you were a peasant, you weren't so rich. Now the Roman Catholic Church always had complete control of the scripture... able to remove parts they disagreed with... or add parts that benefited them. The Peasants would not be told to donate everything they could, but rather everything they had to the church... the donations would be used to fill the pockets of the church leaders.

I have nothing against Catholics... except for the ones who try to bann rock music, and try to get the teaching of evolution banned in schools. The Catholics even wanted a sticker on all science books saying that evolution is just one of many possibilities... in the words of John Oliver "Yea... and maybe we should slap a sticker on the bible saying, well of course, this all could be bullshit".

I have a problem with religions that try to put their noses in other religion's business. That's one of the main causes of war (right behind land and money). If there was a God who needed us to know about him and worship him, he'd let us all know! There are parts of the world we're unable to get in contact with, how are we supposed to convert them!? Why would their eternal souls have to suffer? It's because... it's a load of crap. I'm not an atheist, I'm just a reasonable human being.

Back to being a Self Philosopher... It's easy, because there's almost no wrong way to do it. If you believe killing is right, then it might not be a good idea to be a Self Philosopher. If you weren't raised with a strong moral base, maybe it's time to start raising yourself. You don't have to be perfect... I for one believe revenge is acceptable in certain situations. I believe it's fine to be unkind to someone who is unkind to you. You're allowed to have fun and be yourself, just don't try causing other people harm for no good reason. Become your own priest, in your own chuch of Self Philosophy.

Disclaimer: You don't have to stop being a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim in order to be a Self Philosopher... you just need to learn to lighten up and be yourself. Don't take something that was written hundreds maybe thousands of years ago so seriously. Noone knows for sure what comes next, so why try yourself... any God that created you, would want you to be yourself, and not do harm to their other creations, unless for good reason.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for statirng the ball rolling with this insight.

    • Rick Ogilvie profile image

      Rick Ogilvie 

      7 years ago

      Well said. I don't really agree with the idea that we have an innate instinct for right or wrong... but that, as individuals, we each have a responsibility to define those for ourselves. And I think that even if a person was raised with a strong moral base, he or she should start raising himself anyways, looking at his/her beliefs, and evaluating them on their own. My religious beliefs also differ from yours, but...

      The point isn't that I disagree with a few details, or that I think your wrong, belief is either empowering or restricting, and that varies from person to person... What I'm trying to say is simply: nice article, it's got heart, it's coherent, and it's got a feel of being based on practicality and experiential knowledge. I enjoyed reading it, and concur with the basic message of 'self-philosophizing' that's conveyed.

    • sparksfiend profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Ideally, they should come from instinct, I believe it's human nature to be born with a decent idea of right and wrong. But they should also come from our experiences of action and reaction. I don't think we should try to strive for abstractness, I think it defeats the purpose to say "Well I'm just going to go ahead and do the opposite of what society wants", the point is to just be yourself... if you agree with someone's morals or philosophies, don't be afraid to use them for yourself or use them to build onto yours.

    • Torch of Liberty profile image

      Torch of Liberty 

      8 years ago

      That was a nice hub, I think it is insightful.

      I agree with some of what you say about being a self philosopher, in fact I would likely consider myself close to one. But I do have a question. If values are not to be based on someone else's word, what would be their ideal source? Should they be a result of collective analysis of past actions and results? Should they be based on perceptions of pleasure and pain and what would bring them? Should they just be a matter of whatever might be going through your head when you have to decide something? Should they strive for some abstract ideal? Or is there something else?


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